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Some girl going out with an army guy...

biamTHEGIS: dude, you know that backpack i used to have? yeah, well i got bit in the neck this afternoon and it hurt....

ArmyChick98: what?

biamTHEGIS: oh sorry, that went to the wrong person

ArmyChick98: ok...

biamTHEGIS: that was supposed to go to brian

ArmyChick98: oh......

biamTHEGIS: you know brian?

ArmyChick98: No I don'

biamTHEGIS: oh, well it just sounded like you did

ArmyChick98: I don't even Know you

biamTHEGIS: i just thought you knew brian, sorry.

ArmyChick98: it's No problem

biamTHEGIS: what's the 98?

ArmyChick98: the yr my b/f and I started going out

biamTHEGIS: i see, do you two go kayaking?

ArmyChick98: no...

biamTHEGIS: never?

ArmyChick98: Whatis it?

biamTHEGIS: it's like a canoe

biamTHEGIS: a little personal boat

biamTHEGIS: for personal people

ArmyChick98: no never

biamTHEGIS: hmm

biamTHEGIS: never ever?

ArmyChick98: Nope

biamTHEGIS: would you ever consider a kayak trip?

ArmyChick98: I don't know

biamTHEGIS: you should, you really really should

biamTHEGIS: do you want to buy one?

biamTHEGIS: i'll give you a super good deal on a super good kayak!

ArmyChick98 signed off at 10:06:00 PM.