Random sweet sixteen girl...

theBIGjensen: hi

Alisa16Danielle: hey

theBIGjensen: hi how are you

Alisa16Danielle: im great, u?

theBIGjensen: hi, i'm doing pretty good

theBIGjensen: hi

Alisa16Danielle: hi

theBIGjensen: hi

Alisa16Danielle: okay, that's the 4th time u've said hi

Alisa16Danielle: are u alright?

theBIGjensen: sorry... i'm nervous

Alisa16Danielle: okay

theBIGjensen: do you DATE?

Alisa16Danielle: yeah, u?

theBIGjensen: yes i DATE

theBIGjensen: how long have you DATED?

Alisa16Danielle: since last september

Alisa16Danielle: why?

theBIGjensen: curious...

theBIGjensen: that's all

theBIGjensen: so on these DATES, where do you go?

Alisa16Danielle: none of your business

theBIGjensen: whoah, i didn't mean to upset you

theBIGjensen: i was just curious about your DATING, that's all

theBIGjensen: hi

Alisa16Danielle: hi

theBIGjensen: sorry, i'm just really really nervous

Alisa16Danielle: why r u nervous?

Alisa16Danielle: i dont bite

theBIGjensen: because i'm not a really big DATER

theBIGjensen: yeah, hey aaron, i got gonorhea from my cattle prod... cattle, i couldn't believe it. i didn't think animals had stuff like that. oh well, this stuff happens i guess- i'll see if i can't give it to someone...

theBIGjensen: oh shoot

theBIGjensen: wrong box

theBIGjensen: sorry

Alisa16Danielle: hahahaha

theBIGjensen: that was supposed to go to someone else

theBIGjensen: i hope it doesn't affect our DATE

Alisa16Danielle: nah, im good

Alisa16Danielle: :-)

theBIGjensen: okay good, because i don't get a lot of DATES, and i didn't want to mess this DATE up

Alisa16Danielle: alrighty then

theBIGjensen: i'm glad there's people like you who don't judge gonorhea infested people... because really, i'm no less of a person...

theBIGjensen: in fact, i'm more of a person

theBIGjensen: because i've got something most people don't have.

Alisa16Danielle: hahahaha

theBIGjensen: so it would be a good topic for a DATING conversation

Alisa16Danielle: sure

theBIGjensen: yeah, see, and it's funny to other people too. so my pain and agony could make you laugh with laughter

theBIGjensen: on our DATE

theBIGjensen: or DATES, if things work out

Alisa16Danielle: u r okay?

theBIGjensen: i'm great... i was very nervous to ask you out... but now i'm great.

Alisa16Danielle: lol

theBIGjensen: but i am a little uncomfortable with you laughing at me all the time

theBIGjensen: it makes me feel like less of a person

Alisa16Danielle: thats sad

theBIGjensen: yeah, but it's not so bad with you. most people point at me and laugh because of where i got my genital disease from... but you just seem to laugh in general... so it's not quite as bad

theBIGjensen: it's a little more appropriate

Alisa16Danielle: yeah, okay

theBIGjensen: as long as you don't laugh in my face on our DATE

Alisa16Danielle: yeah, alright

theBIGjensen: it will be so wonderous

theBIGjensen: you'll see

theBIGjensen: magical

theBIGjensen: divine

theBIGjensen: a love to blossom over the ages

Alisa16Danielle: r u okay, mentally?

Alisa16Danielle: cause ur really scaring me!!!

theBIGjensen: oh, i don't mean to frighten you

theBIGjensen: i'm just so excited to be DATING you now

Alisa16Danielle: sure

Alisa16Danielle: well.....c ya later

theBIGjensen: are you breaking up with me?

Alisa16Danielle: yeah, sorry

Alisa16Danielle: bye

theBIGjensen: fine I hope you get gonorhea too!

theBIGjensen: see how you like it

Alisa16Danielle: lol

theBIGjensen: and people lol at you

theBIGjensen: because of your gonorhea

Alisa16Danielle: okay

Alisa16Danielle: bye bye now