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LyssEpps9: Hi

theBIGjensen: hey

LyssEpps9: i wrote you a letter a couple nights ago

theBIGjensen: why?

LyssEpps9: i don't have your address and i might not send it to you

theBIGjensen: as in not give it to me at all?

LyssEpps9: Yeah

theBIGjensen: oh

LyssEpps9: oohhhhh

LyssEpps9: im bored

LyssEpps9: what are you doing right now

LyssEpps9: hheeelllllllloooo

theBIGjensen: calm down

LyssEpps9: im impatient

theBIGjensen: important

theBIGjensen: you're important

theBIGjensen: portland

theBIGjensen: maybe it is portland

theBIGjensen: they're the exact same thing

LyssEpps9: you are weird

theBIGjensen: no, i'm on to something

LyssEpps9: getting weirder by the moment...are you drunk

theBIGjensen: no, alcohol is for babies... i'm onto something big- something huge...

LyssEpps9: ok

theBIGjensen: you're one of "them" aren't you

theBIGjensen: aren't you!?

LyssEpps9: what the hell?

theBIGjensen: hell is right... hell is right pal...

theBIGjensen: "they" are responsible for the pattern

LyssEpps9: hehe

theBIGjensen: hell is a pattern

LyssEpps9: you're creeping me out

theBIGjensen: i'll stop

theBIGjensen: how are you?

LyssEpps9: umm alright

theBIGjensen: BAD! YOU'RE BAD!

LyssEpps9: im creeped out by you right now

theBIGjensen: whoops

theBIGjensen: my bad

LyssEpps9: i am a bad peron

theBIGjensen: perons are herons, and you're a bird just like the heron. except with slightly more personality, but just barely, or maybe not at all.

LyssEpps9: shut up

LyssEpps9: im not giving oyu that leter

theBIGjensen: leter? it's spelled liter

theBIGjensen: it's a unit of measurement

LyssEpps9: letter

theBIGjensen: oh, right is that the amount?

LyssEpps9: im not understandin g you

theBIGjensen: canoo

LyssEpps9: ok you are scaring me

theBIGjensen: who's got candycorn popcicles, those are sooo goooood

LyssEpps9: you are actted stoned or somethign

theBIGjensen: in the past, yes, i acted. i was a figure of the silver screen- i was good... i was good.

LyssEpps9: ok you're scarring me maybe i should go

theBIGjensen: who's throwing stones? are you throwing stones?

LyssEpps9: what?

theBIGjensen: ellijah!

LyssEpps9: you are creeping me otu

theBIGjensen: LotuS, you should have put an l in front and an s at the end

theBIGjensen: otu

theBIGjensen: see?

LyssEpps9: oh my gosh

LyssEpps9: you're pathetic

theBIGjensen: aesthetic

theBIGjensen: i'm aesthetic

theBIGjensen: athletic

theBIGjensen: prosthetic

LyssEpps9: dumb

theBIGjensen: thumb

theBIGjensen: plum

theBIGjensen: numb

LyssEpps9: shut

LyssEpps9: up

theBIGjensen: let's play the rhyme game

theBIGjensen: i'll say a word

LyssEpps9: no

theBIGjensen: and you have to come up with a rhyme

theBIGjensen: and you say a word and i'll have to come up with a rhyme

theBIGjensen: okay?

LyssEpps9: pore que?

LyssEpps9: por que

theBIGjensen: door hoe

theBIGjensen: it's a dirty tramp who opens doors

theBIGjensen: my turn?

LyssEpps9: ok

theBIGjensen: month

LyssEpps9: shit

theBIGjensen: that doesn't rhyme at all

LyssEpps9: exaactly

LyssEpps9: i got shit

theBIGjensen: take a second and go to the bathroom

theBIGjensen: i'll wait here

LyssEpps9: shut up

theBIGjensen: okay

LyssEpps9: pick a word

LyssEpps9: hello?

LyssEpps9: HELLO?

LyssEpps9: you're pissing me off

theBIGjensen: it's difficult to pick a word when i'm not supposed to talk

LyssEpps9: oh go to hell

LyssEpps9: you are really confuisn mg ei can't think

theBIGjensen: permission to speak freely?

LyssEpps9: si

theBIGjensen: what the hell does that mean?

LyssEpps9: ye sin spanish

theBIGjensen: ah, okay- well your grammer and typing is so poor i thought it was just a very short typo. are we still playing then?

LyssEpps9: no you're making me bmad just tlak normal

theBIGjensen: bmad tlak okay, i understand

LyssEpps9: hehe

theBIGjensen: okay, so i won the game!

LyssEpps9: what

theBIGjensen: the game, i beat you so bad!

LyssEpps9: im so confused

theBIGjensen: rhyme game, i dominated you like a little child.

LyssEpps9: k

theBIGjensen: l

theBIGjensen: m

theBIGjensen: n

theBIGjensen: o

theBIGjensen: p

theBIGjensen: qrs

theBIGjensen: tuv

theBIGjensen: w

theBIGjensen: x

theBIGjensen: y and z

theBIGjensen: now we know our abc's

LyssEpps9: next time won't you sing with u

theBIGjensen: chlamydia

LyssEpps9: ARGH

LyssEpps9: you're driving me crazy

theBIGjensen: ooh oohohh

LyssEpps9: i already can't think don't be an idiot

theBIGjensen: okay, um, i'm not sure what you're trying to say, but i think i'm very smart, and i don't like you criticizing my handicap after i've worked so hard to overcome it

LyssEpps9: you are making em so mad

theBIGjensen: do you kick people in wheelchairs?

LyssEpps9: no

LyssEpps9: people go to hell for that

theBIGjensen: so you've got SOME self worth, but very little

LyssEpps9: you go to hell

theBIGjensen: so you have to make me feel bad criticizing me to make yourself feel better

theBIGjensen: okay, i understand

theBIGjensen: thanks

LyssEpps9: ok

theBIGjensen: imagine your words were feet, kicking me in my intellectual wheelchair

LyssEpps9: you are irritating now

theBIGjensen: and i'm screaming "stop, stop!", and you just laugh and kick me

theBIGjensen: and break my wheelchair of thoughts

LyssEpps9: hehe

theBIGjensen: fine, laugh!

theBIGjensen: GOODBYE