slaka fuch: ouch, quit shouting

Ltl Roo 83: what?

slaka fuch: sorry that im wasn't meant for you

Ltl Roo 83: is this someone formally known as the Big Jensen?

slaka fuch: who?

slaka fuch: courtney?

slaka fuch: no

Ltl Roo 83: oh, so who is it then? huh, huh?

slaka fuch: he gave me your SN though. My name is Brian. And I asked him because I'm trying to talk to everyone I can get into contact with about the coming of Jahova

slaka fuch: have you heard of this event?

Ltl Roo 83: nope, why don't you elaborate for me

slaka fuch: if not, i have a little pamphlet that could describe all life's secrets

slaka fuch: you see.... there are 77000 people going upstairs, and the more i recruit, the better chance i get

Ltl Roo 83: oh......

slaka fuch: and so I'm asking you to read this pamphlet

Ltl Roo 83: k

slaka fuch: will you engage in the material designated?

slaka fuch: it's about 4 paragraphs long

Ltl Roo 83: who knows?

slaka fuch: you should

slaka fuch: once you read

Ltl Roo 83: i'll read it, maybe

slaka fuch: well, i think you should

slaka fuch: as of now, you are a bad person

slaka fuch: this pamphlet will make you divine

slaka fuch: and it just takes 3 minutes per day, for just one week

Ltl Roo 83: well, then where is this "divine" pamphlet?

slaka fuch: sorry, i haven't gotten to that part yet

slaka fuch: can i finish what i was saying please?

Ltl Roo 83: oh, sorry sure

slaka fuch: are you going to interupt me again?

Ltl Roo 83: no, continue

slaka fuch: i'm not doing this for me, i'm doing it for you, so try to show some damn curtesy

slaka fuch: okay... it costs $29.95 and you can collect it after school and at morning recess at Brush College Elementry School

slaka fuch: collection times are 11:00 and from 2:50 until 3:30 in the afternoon, monday through thursday

slaka fuch: does this interest you?

Ltl Roo 83: not really, i don't believe in paying for divinity, but thanks anyways

slaka fuch: good, then tell me, when will you be going to collect it?

slaka fuch: we accept only money orders, and american currency

slaka fuch: also, if you can... please tell me when your parents aren't home as well

Ltl Roo 83: and this is for.....?

slaka fuch: the good of the collection agency

slaka fuch: at what time is nobody home in your household?

Ltl Roo 83: what good does it do?

slaka fuch: it's one of life's secrets, soon to be learned in the pamphlet

Ltl Roo 83: oh.........

slaka fuch: do you have an alarm system?

Ltl Roo 83: just my dog that barks at anyone within a 500 foot radius

slaka fuch: hmm... how big is your dog?

Ltl Roo 83: medium-sized

slaka fuch: does it sleep outside?

Ltl Roo 83: nope, by the door

slaka fuch: which door?

slaka fuch: front or back?

Ltl Roo 83: why?

slaka fuch: oh, i'm just curious

Ltl Roo 83: yeah, whatever


Ltl Roo 83: have you ever been associated with the rash-nish or the Baggwaan?

Ltl Roo 83: maybe, the moonies?

slaka fuch: no, i used to believe in the Chinese "Dao" which then progressed to the revolutionized "shinto" in Japan, following the "way of the spirits"

slaka fuch: Now, I'm selling pamphlets on the coming of Jahova

Ltl Roo 83: oh, very nice.

slaka fuch: and for $29.95 you can have one of your own

Ltl Roo 83: just selling, or a member?

slaka fuch: I try to sell them to children at Brush College.

slaka fuch: But you're welcome to purchase one as well

Ltl Roo 83: oh, how's business?

slaka fuch: it's going very well, thank you. But it's not a business

slaka fuch: it's a life style

Ltl Roo 83: hold on

slaka fuch: please

Ltl Roo 83: sorry, had a phone call

slaka fuch: that's fine. I'm happy to hear that you are social, may I have their number please?

Ltl Roo 83: don't most cult meembers frown upon socialization outside of the group?

slaka fuch: cult? no, we aren't a cult

Ltl Roo 83: oh, my bad

slaka fuch: I just sell pamphlets.

Ltl Roo 83: i thought it was a lifestyle

slaka fuch: it is.

Ltl Roo 83: oh, ok

slaka fuch: the children are easily convinced out of money

Ltl Roo 83: and you enjoy robbing the innocent and naive?

slaka fuch: robbing? no, no. the children are our future

slaka fuch: i'm teaching them for the better of their life

slaka fuch: and the growth of their children

slaka fuch: and their children's children's futures

slaka fuch: so which door does your dog sleep by?

Ltl Roo 83: oh, you are just saving their souls?

slaka fuch: who?

Ltl Roo 83: the children

slaka fuch: oh i don't know. to tell you the truth i haven't even read these pamphlets yet

slaka fuch: it's just a commission job, so maybe, but i couldn't tell you for sure

Ltl Roo 83: ahhh, i see

slaka fuch: are you going to buy one or not?

Ltl Roo 83: nope

slaka fuch: okay, would you like to buy anything else?

slaka fuch: hello?

Ltl Roo 83: sorry, interrupted

slaka fuch: yes you did

slaka fuch: that was bad of you

Ltl Roo 83: nah, i'm good

slaka fuch: i don't care. you go ahead and interupt me so long as you purchase things

slaka fuch: waitwaitwait ther's some kids walking by my house right now. i gotta run i'll get back to you later about your friends names and addresses

Ltl Roo 83: no, i mean i don't need to purchase anything from you today

slaka fuch: okay i said

Ltl Roo 83: k bye

slaka fuch: yes