biamTHEGIS: do you have the time to participate in a random survey by oregon parks and rec.?

Swtlady117: haha this is courtney

biamTHEGIS: pardon?

biamTHEGIS: a true or false exam?

biamTHEGIS: if you choose to decline this opportunity to be an influence in your local area community, please type "remove" now.

Swtlady117: remove ;-)

biamTHEGIS: thank you for your cooperation. we will no longer contact you for anything of any relevence to anything.

Swtlady117: lol

biamTHEGIS: it's official

biamTHEGIS: i can never try to fool a kristin

Swtlady117: hi courtney

biamTHEGIS: opperation: fool one kristin flores

biamTHEGIS: abort! abort!

Swtlady117: you are the only one who jacks with people online

biamTHEGIS: i'm the only one with a sick sense of humor and the will to please only myself...:-) another way of saying it

Swtlady117: yup, that's court alright