Don't know her...

theBIGjensen: hi

theBIGjensen: you live in Eugene right?

JulesGT23: yeah

theBIGjensen: that's pretty writing

JulesGT23: ok

theBIGjensen: you're 15

JulesGT23: yes

theBIGjensen: you ARE 15

theBIGjensen: you DO live in Eugene

JulesGT23: who the hell are you?

theBIGjensen: that's not appropriate

theBIGjensen: profanity is not a gender issue

JulesGT23: sure

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: i appreciate your compliance

JulesGT23: sure

theBIGjensen: thanks, i really do appreciate it

theBIGjensen: you've been very kind

JulesGT23: who are you?

theBIGjensen: gay

JulesGT23: oh cool man

theBIGjensen: i dunno, i guess. room temp

JulesGT23: sure

theBIGjensen: who?

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: why did you IM me if you aren't going to talk?

JulesGT23: i didn't Im you

theBIGjensen: yes you did

theBIGjensen: and I'm trying to be friends and you're not working with me

theBIGjensen: both of us need to work at this relationship if it's going to last

JulesGT23: ummmmm sure

theBIGjensen: see... you're not even paying attention to what i'm saying

JulesGT23: yep

theBIGjensen: i want to get to know you and you aren't helping me

JulesGT23: sure

theBIGjensen: so do you wanna meet or not?

JulesGT23: who are you?

theBIGjensen: i'm someone who loves 15 year olds dearly

theBIGjensen: not in any sick way, don't get me wrong

JulesGT23: i think you are

theBIGjensen: that's not very nice... I'm a loving person and you think that's wrong

theBIGjensen: is this what our society has crumbled to?

JulesGT23: maybe

theBIGjensen: let's work this out

theBIGjensen: friday night?

JulesGT23: nah

JulesGT23: don't know you

theBIGjensen: why?

theBIGjensen: that's why we would get together

theBIGjensen: get to know each other, and then see if anything develops

theBIGjensen: i think we would be wonderous and magical together.

theBIGjensen: so what do you say?

theBIGjensen: hello?