theBIGjensen: hello lum friend

Giang44: Hey:-)

theBIGjensen: how have you been?

Giang44: Good, I suppose

Giang44: Was that you yesterday?

theBIGjensen: suppose?

Giang44: suppose

theBIGjensen: i was on

theBIGjensen: maybe

theBIGjensen: when?

Giang44: last night

theBIGjensen: i was on sometime last night, but then I rolled a bunch of friends in poker

Giang44: oh

theBIGjensen: so you're good though?

Giang44: Huh?

Giang44: I got an IM last night

theBIGjensen: okay

Giang44: Not sure who it was

Giang44: Lum read it

Giang44: And he thought it might be you

theBIGjensen: Lums a teamster

theBIGjensen: was it me? who was it?

Giang44: I thought it was you

Giang44: "slaka fuch"

Giang44: That was the name

theBIGjensen: sn?

Giang44: uh huh

Giang44: Any clue who it was?

theBIGjensen: hmm... all my friends (including me) have like 9 sns

theBIGjensen: i don't know them all

Giang44: Did you igve any or your friends my name?

theBIGjensen: no... half my friends are lums friends

theBIGjensen: so he would know them

theBIGjensen: but i'm not sure

Giang44: Okay

theBIGjensen: so how's things?

Giang44: It's been ok -it actually snowed here today

theBIGjensen: serious?

Giang44: Yeah

theBIGjensen: ah.. rained like crazy here

Giang44: It snowed for about an hour this afternoon

theBIGjensen: aaaahhhh

theBIGjensen: i want snow

Giang44: HAve you talked to Aaron at all today?

theBIGjensen: nah why

Giang44: Do you realize that his birthday is TODAY?

theBIGjensen: oh crap

theBIGjensen: serious?

theBIGjensen: thanks, I gotta email him like a counc

Giang44: What???

theBIGjensen: I gotta run email-Lum-style