slaka fuch: hi

Giang44: who are you?

slaka fuch: pardon?

Giang44: WHO ARE YOU?

slaka fuch: oh, you don't know me

slaka fuch: so how have you been?

Giang44: nope, am I supposed tO?

slaka fuch: no, you're not supposed to

slaka fuch: you don't know me at all

slaka fuch: how's school?

Giang44: Okay

slaka fuch: good

slaka fuch: keepin the grades up?

Giang44: Who are you?

slaka fuch: you don't know me

slaka fuch: so it doesn't really matter

Giang44: What is your name?

Giang44: And I'm not in school

slaka fuch: yes you are

Giang44: No I'm not

Giang44: I'm a dropout

slaka fuch: I got your name off the school roster

slaka fuch: that's how i'm talking to you

Giang44: What's my name?

slaka fuch: I'm one of the councellors

slaka fuch: I don't speak asian too well

Giang44: You didn't even spell that right

slaka fuch: I wouldn't be able to remember

Giang44: "counselor"

slaka fuch: yes. you are in school then

slaka fuch: you have good english

Giang44: I'm not Asian

slaka fuch: well you're definately not american

slaka fuch: you're some other odd race

Giang44: How do you know that?

slaka fuch: i'm a "councelor"

slaka fuch: we know lots of things

Giang44: Uh huh

slaka fuch: So how's your homeland doing?

slaka fuch: any new revolutions or anything?

Giang44: It blew up

slaka fuch: I see. sarcasm. you're clever

Giang44: Uh huh

Giang44: Let me ask this again - who are you?

slaka fuch: I'm a councellor! REMEMBER?

slaka fuch: you don't know me

slaka fuch: I'm doing school checks on the students

Giang44: Sure you are

slaka fuch: so can I quiz you now?

Giang44: Sure

slaka fuch: okay...
these are true or false... so answer as they apply... #1 I enjoy my current housing location... TorF?

Giang44: Quiz me

Giang44: the answer is "A" - and that's my final answer :-)

slaka fuch: (assuming a is true)

slaka fuch: #2 I am financially stable in my current income to logically and ethically support next year in school... TorF?

Giang44: then my answer is now "B"

Giang44: AKA false

slaka fuch: okay... understood...

slaka fuch: #3. I am not offended by my neighboring students and peers... TorF?

Giang44: T

Giang44: What the hell is this for?

slaka fuch: just be patient, there's only 3 more questions... thank you for your time

slaka fuch: #4 I feel that my grades are of importance in my life. TorF?

slaka fuch: do you not feel comfortable with that question?

slaka fuch: there's just 2 more

slaka fuch: may i please procede?

Giang44: T

Giang44: Go on

slaka fuch: okay... #5 I have had much sexual intercourse since I've been living on campus. TorF?

Giang44: Decline to answer

slaka fuch: okay... #7 I have been honest in my morality here with my instructers and fellow students. TorF?

Giang44: False -

Giang44: And I feel bad about that

slaka fuch: okay... why is that?

slaka fuch: did you lie to me on this test?

Giang44: Nope

slaka fuch: okay

Giang44: I've done some things that I shouldn't have

Giang44: And we'll leave it at that

slaka fuch: Okay that's fine, I really don't care. I've recorded your answers. I appreciate your time.

slaka fuch: I understand sex. Don't worry

Giang44: Why would you understand sex?

slaka fuch: I won't continue to bring the topic up...

Giang44: ok

slaka fuch: so where exactly did you have it?

Giang44: I'm not gonna say - AND, I never said that I've even had sex

slaka fuch: was it in one of our campus owned rooms?

Giang44: I declined to answer, remember?

slaka fuch: because we strictly prohibit that

Giang44: No you don't

Giang44: And if you are a counselor (which you're not) then this is irrelevent anyway

slaka fuch: you spelled councellor wrong

Giang44: No I didn't

slaka fuch: we don't appreciate sexual intercourse on our campus or within the designated educational area

slaka fuch: oh, aren't we the english student?

Giang44: well then I guess you need to expell over 50% of the students on campus

slaka fuch: i won't expell them. i don't believe in the removal of education as penalty

slaka fuch: but let's try to keep our privates where they belong okay? and not loosely throw them open-legged at anything with a heartbeat.

Giang44: so maybe you should start

slaka fuch: pardon?

slaka fuch: start a new program?

Giang44: keep our privates out of MY area yo freak!

Giang44: keep YOR privates I mean

Giang44: YOUR


slaka fuch: oh I didn't mean to touch you like that. I don't even know you.

Giang44: my vowels aren't working

slaka fuch: yeah i know, you're pretty stupid.

Giang44: so why are you prying?

slaka fuch: If you want to have sex, just please refrain from occupying our classrooms

Giang44: If you want to be an asshole, stop occuping my screen space

slaka fuch: It could disrupt a students working habitat

slaka fuch: I don't mean to offend you. I'm just doing my job

Giang44: so could slaughtering an ignorant "fuch"

slaka fuch: that doesn't make sense. Did you take writing 121 yet?

slaka fuch: I just try to do what I can for the school system, and you seem to be disrupting my work.

Giang44: I'm not in school, remember?

Giang44: I'm a dropout

slaka fuch: With your sexy little walk and innuendos that could get you into some trouble

slaka fuch: you're still registered

Giang44: No I'm not

Giang44: Who ARE you?

Giang44: And where are you at?

slaka fuch: Oregon Educational Dept Counscellor

slaka fuch: one of the many

slaka fuch: I get off work in 15 minutes, wanna go to a movie?

Giang44: Ahhh....... so you're stalking me from Portland?

Giang44: what movie is that?

slaka fuch: No, we're not localized there

slaka fuch: anything you want to see

Giang44: Quiz: Where do I live?

slaka fuch: Eugene

Giang44: What's my address?

slaka fuch: Listen do you want to go out with me or not?

Giang44: Sure

Giang44: But I want to know who you are first

slaka fuch: I'm a counsellor

Giang44: What's your name?

slaka fuch: Semi close to portland, but on the way to Keizer (by salem)

Giang44: What?

slaka fuch: my house

Giang44: Why are you telling me this?

slaka fuch: you asked

slaka fuch: 10 minutes till I get off work now

Giang44: Do you want to meet me?

slaka fuch: Then I celebrate my 46th birthday by taking you to a movie

Giang44: Sounds good

slaka fuch: which one do you want to see?

Giang44: What's out?

slaka fuch: Mr. Ripley. He looks very good

Giang44: "the one where that chick kills the guy who stalks her"

Giang44: You're a Damon fna?

Giang44: fna=fan

slaka fuch: well, in this one. because he's gay and necrophiliatic

Giang44: That's gotta be good

slaka fuch: are you teasing me?

Giang44: No, of course not

slaka fuch: so when do you want me to pick you up?

Giang44: Whenever you get off work

Giang44: Where do I live?

slaka fuch: in 6 minutes

slaka fuch: Eugene somewhere

slaka fuch: I need your address

Giang44: What's my room number?

slaka fuch: I'm not sure

Giang44: You should know my address

slaka fuch: The files don't say

slaka fuch: It only pertains to education

slaka fuch: and shows a picture, which certainly isn't breathtaking

Giang44: So aren't you breaking the laws by IMing me?

slaka fuch: a little. but nobody can tell

slaka fuch: are you pretty open about your virginity?

Giang44: If you are a counselor (which you're not) you would have all the info on me... except my IM name

Giang44: Why do you want to know? You're sick

slaka fuch: we track those sort of things

slaka fuch: I'm sick?

slaka fuch: okay, well, i'm almost off work now.. so i'll talk to you in a bit. Your number the same one listed?

Giang44: ???

Giang44: Hello?

slaka fuch: yes

slaka fuch: i'm here...

slaka fuch: just packing up my things

slaka fuch: i'll see you in a bit