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random girl...

slaka fuch: hey again

Aznprncs: Hey

Aznprncs: Who is this?

slaka fuch: lennon

Aznprncs: Lennon?

slaka fuch: yeah

Aznprncs: Umm...from where?

slaka fuch: can i be a jerk too and ask you who you are?

Aznprncs: Darcie

Aznprncs: ...but who are you?

slaka fuch: lennon

Aznprncs: Where are you from?

Aznprncs: How do you know me?

slaka fuch: salem

Aznprncs: Cool

Aznprncs: What school do you go to?

Aznprncs: How did you get my name?

slaka fuch: i'm out

Aznprncs: Oh.

Aznprncs: How old are you?

slaka fuch: 19

Aznprncs: Cool

slaka fuch: and my name's not lennon either...

Aznprncs: So, what is it?

Aznprncs: What high school did you go to?

slaka fuch: allright listen, i'm sorry, i was just playing... but you're too nice for me to do this to.