My Penich: you've been on a while

prettyprincess52: have I?

My Penich: 5 hours

prettyprincess52: sure have

My Penich: but you got buff sometime inbetween then

prettyprincess52: yes I did

prettyprincess52: I love working out

My Penich: great for you

prettyprincess52: do you like to?

My Penich: neat

My Penich: so how's school?

prettyprincess52: it's going really well this term

prettyprincess52: I really like my classes

My Penich: which ones?

prettyprincess52: german 202 business 101 pppm 201 and sociology 204

My Penich: awesome! what are you taking?

prettyprincess52: what?

My Penich: wow, you're german!

My Penich: guess what? i don't go to your school. i've even gone to peoples classes with them

prettyprincess52: oh ok

prettyprincess52: where do you go to school?

My Penich: I went to Sprague

prettyprincess52: I went to south

My Penich: yeah

My Penich: i've got friends who went to south

prettyprincess52: who ?

My Penich: um... cody haven, logan greider... hmm... mike dilger, aaron lum. tons of people though.. but most are just acquaintences...

prettyprincess52: oh ok that's cool

My Penich: i didn't know you from south though... i only saw you there

My Penich: where you are now

prettyprincess52: oh ok I see

My Penich: hilary?

prettyprincess52: yeah

My Penich: ah, that's nice

My Penich: so you go party? even though you say you're not a partier:-)

prettyprincess52: have you really seen me naked or were you pulling my leg?

My Penich: oh yeah- fully naked, right out in the open, i could see everything.

prettyprincess52: nuh uh

prettyprincess52: where was I naked?

My Penich: in someones room... i don't remember who's i was there with a few people

My Penich: it might have been yours for all i know

prettyprincess52: and I was naked?

My Penich: yes... hilary chilton right?

prettyprincess52: yeah

My Penich: i saw you naked

prettyprincess52: what do I look like?

prettyprincess52: like full on naked?

prettyprincess52: no clothes whatsoever?

My Penich: what do you look like? i'm not going to start describing your privates to you, i don't want to cause any commotion.

My Penich: but yeah full on naked everything in broad plain site

My Penich: it was quite a while ago, but i remember very very well

My Penich: i've never seen you since then though... i don't think i've even been in the same area

My Penich: visiting

prettyprincess52: hmmmm

prettyprincess52: interesting

My Penich: it was, it was hugely interesting.

prettyprincess52: who were you with that you know down here?

My Penich: lots of people... mike dilger drives down there every once in a while and i'll tag along

My Penich: he visits band people and i just chill

prettyprincess52: so who were you visiting when you saw me?

prettyprincess52: yes I am a partier actually

My Penich: IT WAS LAST TERM i don't remember... maybe aaron

prettyprincess52: a big one

prettyprincess52: ok

My Penich: are you?

prettyprincess52: don't yell

My Penich: sorry

prettyprincess52: It's just weird to have you have seen my ass and me not know you

prettyprincess52: it's ok

My Penich: well, just be pleased that you have a good ass

prettyprincess52: ok I will

My Penich: and on a side note, i saw everything

prettyprincess52: you saw my titties to?

My Penich: everything.

prettyprincess52: oh ok

My Penich: anyway, i didn't mean any harm, it was just coincidence i guess that i got your SN

prettyprincess52: that's cool

My Penich: so keep up the "getting buff"

prettyprincess52: oh I will

My Penich: okay, bye:-)!

prettyprincess52: bye