prettyprincess52: so tell me the story of how I know you

My Penich: you don't

My Penich: i already told you that story.

prettyprincess52: you said that I did know you and it was a long story

My Penich: i said that i saw you before and that was a long, fascinating story

My Penich: i KNOW another hilary

My Penich: not you

prettyprincess52: ok when did you see me

My Penich: it was a long time ago

prettyprincess52: when?

My Penich: well, it couldn't have been that long actually... you're new this year right?

prettyprincess52: yup

My Penich: last quarter sometime then

prettyprincess52: did I meet you in a class?

My Penich: I guess before Chirstmas break just seems like a long time ago

My Penich: no, you PROBABLY don't know me

prettyprincess52: ok

prettyprincess52: then how do you know me

My Penich: i just saw you bare ass naked and i asked someone who you were

My Penich: and i somehow remembered the name

prettyprincess52: who did you ask?

prettyprincess52: why did you ask someone who I was?

My Penich: because you looked cute... i don't remember, i didn't know the person, they knew you so i asked

prettyprincess52: well thank you

My Penich: well yes

prettyprincess52: and so how did you get my screen name?

My Penich: i actually thought it was hil mosses... it turned out to be you

prettyprincess52: but how did you get it?

My Penich: someone in my writing class gave it to me

My Penich: he sat in front of me and he said something about "hilary" and i thought it was the other one

prettyprincess52: oh ok

prettyprincess52: neat

prettyprincess52: brb

My Penich: k

prettyprincess52: k

My Penich: k

prettyprincess52: neat

My Penich: very

My Penich: bye

prettyprincess52: wait