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My Penich: hi

prettyprincess52: hi

prettyprincess52: who is this?

My Penich: brandt... what have you been up to?

My Penich: oh i'm just on a different name

prettyprincess52: how did you get my name?


prettyprincess52: when?

My Penich: who you talkin to?

My Penich: hilary?

My Penich: you still there?

prettyprincess52: yeah

My Penich: how are you?

prettyprincess52: good good

prettyprincess52: how are you doing?

My Penich: good good, thanx

My Penich: have midterms?

prettyprincess52: I had some, and I have some more coming up next week

prettyprincess52: who is this again?

My Penich: brandt

My Penich: which ones next week?

prettyprincess52: sociology and management

prettyprincess52: brandt who?

My Penich: you seriously don't know?

My Penich: or rather, remember?

prettyprincess52: remember?

My Penich: that's cool... sociology... my subject

My Penich: which finals have you already had?

prettyprincess52: why don't you refresh my memory of who you are

My Penich: brandt laine

prettyprincess52: I have no clue who you are

My Penich: that hurts, at least you could act like you do

My Penich: i totally remember everything about you. i thought that moment was worth something to you

prettyprincess52: from where?

My Penich: of course you were doing a little drinking

prettyprincess52: shut up

My Penich: so i guess i can't count on your memory

prettyprincess52: where did I meet you?

My Penich: i don't even remember the first time... usually just hanging out... i've seen you a few times

My Penich: i work out over there... go running with liz sometimes

prettyprincess52: you know liz to?

My Penich: too, i know liz too

prettyprincess52: she doesn't go running with boys

My Penich: apparently she does

My Penich: maybe she lies to you too...

prettyprincess52: will?

My Penich: will i what?

prettyprincess52: nono is this will?

My Penich: um... almost, my middle name... but nobody calls me that

My Penich: i told you my name, you don't believe me? you don't think i know my own name?

prettyprincess52: right

prettyprincess52: I gotta go bye

My Penich: wait

prettyprincess52: no thanks

My Penich: hold on... just do one thing for me... say, "brandt, you are my king"

prettyprincess52: nope

My Penich: then just settle for saying "brandt, i am your slave"

prettyprincess52: nope

My Penich: say that

My Penich: why?

prettyprincess52: nope

My Penich: why not?

prettyprincess52: because I don't know who you are

prettyprincess52: and I won't say it

My Penich: just once?

prettyprincess52: why should I?

My Penich: because that's what you called me last time

My Penich: come on hil

My Penich: everyone's doing it

prettyprincess52: I could give a shit less

My Penich: shitless?

My Penich: what's that?

My Penich: you'ld still get to use my toilet as my slave

My Penich: it's not like i'd ban you from human nature

My Penich: hello?

prettyprincess52: what do you want

My Penich: are you going to say it or not?

prettyprincess52: what do you think?

My Penich: yes

My Penich: you will right now and you'll like it

prettyprincess52: I'm not wasting my time talking to you anymore

My Penich: wasting time? your a slave remember? you have plenty of time. unless you want to go back to work in the fields

My Penich: or churning the butter bin

prettyprincess52: wow

My Penich: wow.........

prettyprincess52: yup wow

My Penich: so you're finally coming around then huh?

My Penich: just fill in the blanks... "brandt, ___ are __ king, and I __ your ____!"

prettyprincess52: no

My Penich: please hurry up, i haven't got all day

My Penich: hillary?

prettyprincess52: no

My Penich: hilary moss, please hurry now

prettyprincess52: moss?

My Penich: yes

My Penich: you

prettyprincess52: that's not part of my name

My Penich: what?

My Penich: who is this?

prettyprincess52: who do you think it is

My Penich: hilary moss

prettyprincess52: well it's not it's hilary chilton

My Penich: oh shoot, i'm sorry... REALLY sorry... but i have seen you naked. so i do know who you are

My Penich: but you're not the one i was trying to bug

prettyprincess52: you've seen me naked?

My Penich: yes

prettyprincess52: that's interesting

prettyprincess52: where at?

My Penich: you're a partier

My Penich: but i should probably go, i thought you were someone else

prettyprincess52: no actually I'm not

My Penich: i thought you were someone else- so i'm gonna go now

prettyprincess52: I'm not a partier

My Penich: oh and yes you are... when you're naked, you must be

My Penich: okay, bye

My Penich: bye naked girl:-)

prettyprincess52: >:o

My Penich: what's that supposed to mean?

prettyprincess52: I don't like you

My Penich: okay

prettyprincess52: I don't know who you are

My Penich: brandt

prettyprincess52: and you won't tell me

My Penich: i told you... like 4 to 6 times

prettyprincess52: how do I know you?

My Penich: i barely know you... i've seen you before

prettyprincess52: are you in any of my classes?

My Penich: you probably don't know me

My Penich: hilary MOSS was

prettyprincess52: how have you seen me naked?

prettyprincess52: where did you see me naked?

My Penich: it's sorta a long story, i'll tell you some other time... It was hilarious, you were hilarious. right now i gotta go

My Penich: next time

prettyprincess52: WAIT

My Penich: bye