biamTHEGIS: yes, ...

biamTHEGIS: who?

biamTHEGIS: let's see... oh okay, yeah, i'd love to.

biamTHEGIS: i wouldn't miss it for the world.

biamTHEGIS: who do you think i am?

biamTHEGIS: of course

biamTHEGIS: monday, 4:30. sorry, I have tests that day

biamTHEGIS: wait, did you steal my 5 disk floppy disk? because I think you did

biamTHEGIS: it has all my essays' on it

biamTHEGIS: could i please have it back? it's important.

biamTHEGIS: wow thanks... I really do appreciate it. you have no idea how much. i feel tingly.

biamTHEGIS: wait, can you hold on a minute please?

biamTHEGIS: I need to use the bathroom

biamTHEGIS: thanks, I'll be right back, i'll try and get it out quick as possible.