theBIGjensen: yes

ripkin81: bitch

theBIGjensen: that's not very nice of you

theBIGjensen: i think you should apologize

ripkin81: who is this

theBIGjensen: i told you

ripkin81: bye

theBIGjensen: who?

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: hey

theBIGjensen: wait

theBIGjensen: cally

ripkin81: what

theBIGjensen: 364-3093

theBIGjensen: call me

theBIGjensen: tit's brian

theBIGjensen: oops, did you like me being dirty?...

theBIGjensen: it's brian

theBIGjensen: call me

theBIGjensen: now

theBIGjensen: HI

ripkin81: what?

theBIGjensen: PLEASE call me

ripkin81: brian who?

theBIGjensen: just call me please

theBIGjensen: you'll know as soon as you call

ripkin81: you gave me a bad #

theBIGjensen: 364-3092

ripkin81: i am not calling long distance

theBIGjensen: Please

theBIGjensen: I love you

theBIGjensen: just take the time to call

theBIGjensen: you won't regret it I swear