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My Penich: neast peast breck breck tween!

Swtlady117: and you would be...?

My Penich: sorry, that was a typo, it went to the wrong SN

Swtlady117: who is this?

My Penich: I'm sorry I said

Swtlady117: it's not a big deal i was just curious

My Penich: okay

My Penich: swip pip pip tally WHOOON!

Swtlady117: hello!!! who are you?

My Penich: sorry again... it was just another typo

Swtlady117: do you type in the screen name every time

My Penich: in THIS sn?

Swtlady117: what?

My Penich: who?

Swtlady117: how do you keep iming me with the wrong screen name?

My Penich: oh, i click on the wrong one and then don't realize it

Swtlady117: am i on your buddy list?

My Penich: yes

Swtlady117: who is this?

My Penich: i don't know why you'ld want my name unless you were mad. and i don't want someone to be mad at me.

My Penich: is that okay, you're not answering me?

My Penich: shleeeep ju-ju bee ju-ju bee ching PLOW!

My Penich: whoops, again, sorry. i didn't mean to send that.

Swtlady117: now that sounds like someone i know

My Penich: you might know me... I'm in the fifth grade.

Swtlady117: i went into the gym today, why weren't you in there

My Penich: gymnasium?

Swtlady117: you dork, i fully know it's you muscle man

My Penich: ARGH... didn't work with you... I've gotten like 9 people tonight... if grant hadn't got on you wouldn't have known

Swtlady117: what did grant have to do with it?

My Penich: i saw your conversation with grant... he was implying that it was me

Swtlady117: i figured it out before that

Swtlady117: did he show you that conversation

My Penich: just that part

My Penich: dangit, i didn't think even he had this SN

Swtlady117: speaking of which, it is a very nice screen name

My Penich: :-)like that?

Swtlady117: ya i'm sure the ladies will love it

My Penich: :-):-)my original SN... i just haven't used it for anything but talking to people who don't know me

My Penich: and i can't believe you figured out it was me

My Penich: I have like 40 conversations saved... I just tried to keep one mild because it's you... and you're like "why weren't you at the gym?"

Swtlady117: well? why weren't you there?

My Penich: it was our day off

Swtlady117: are you going tomorrow?

My Penich: of course... 2 days off in a row?

Swtlady117: what time are you going in?.

My Penich: 9am

My Penich: oh and don't tell ANYONE about my name... I've harassed friends pretty bad with it:-) they'd want to kill me if they knew it was me.

Swtlady117: melissa wanted me to ask if all you guys want to hang on sunday

My Penich: all us guys who?

My Penich: stauffers and fro?

Swtlady117: yeah

My Penich: i see... i dunno, i don't do anything that humans do for fun... so i don't know if i'll be there... i'm sure they would love to... stauf works at 5 though i think

Swtlady117: whatever, she just wanted me to ask

Swtlady117: brice says you're a liar.

My Penich: i know

My Penich: i'm supposed to be doing homework

Swtlady117: mmmmm... courtney it's no good to procrastinate

My Penich: one of the people i was harassing started asking me all these questions and i had to re-lie and make up a massive story.

My Penich: brandt william laine... he is an official person with a full life story now

Swtlady117: are you guys friends?

My Penich: brandt?

Swtlady117: ya

My Penich: no i just made him up... and made up a whole life story for the harassment... it's seriously work to do it.

Swtlady117: i'll bet

My Penich: serious... i spend time on these

My Penich: not yours... i would have, but you're all, "hi courtney jensen"

My Penich: and it was worthless

Swtlady117: i woulda figured out it was you anyway

Swtlady117: you're a weirdo

Swtlady117: k i'm gonna go to bed so i'll talk to you later

My Penich: night