theBIGjensen: you here?

Lexlien: yep, just talking to my friend Sarah

theBIGjensen: sarah who?

Lexlien: Stone

theBIGjensen: ah

theBIGjensen: she cool?

theBIGjensen: be honest

Lexlien: yeah, she's one of my good friends

theBIGjensen: but is she cool... you're sorta dodging the subject

Lexlien: yes, she is really COOL

theBIGjensen: why exactly IS she cool?

Lexlien: just because

theBIGjensen: hard facts

Lexlien: she doesn't really hang out with my choir group, which is good because they are all annoying!!

Lexlien: and she is really funny and she hangs out with all of the skater boys

theBIGjensen: she hangs out with skater boys? so she's white trash like the 'skaters boys'?

Lexlien: not the one's she hangs out with

theBIGjensen: not the skaters?

Lexlien: they are all cool too

theBIGjensen: what kind of skater is cool?

Lexlien: the kind that she hangs out with

theBIGjensen: not likely, but okay, can I have her sn? and don't tell her either

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: i'm calling the cops!

Lexlien: sure, it's Ltl Roo 83

theBIGjensen: thanks

theBIGjensen: okay, she's a slower typer than you

Lexlien: are you talking to Sarah?

theBIGjensen: no

Lexlien: are you typing to her?

theBIGjensen: no. i just said that.

Lexlien: liar

theBIGjensen: why'd you ask if you knew?

theBIGjensen: that's what you're talking to her about

Lexlien: Obviously...

theBIGjensen: yet you still ask me

Lexlien: i wanted to see what you said, liar!

theBIGjensen: you still knew, why would I say "yes I am" pointlessly

Lexlien: why would you say "no" pointlessly?

theBIGjensen: why did you ask pointlessly? it all starts with you.

Lexlien: no, it started with you!

theBIGjensen: umm... how are you feeling?

theBIGjensen: little bit tired, warm, headache coming back?

Lexlien: annoyed, and you?

theBIGjensen: well I have just the place for you

Lexlien: what are you talking about?

theBIGjensen: it's on state street

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: thinking?

Lexlien: hello

theBIGjensen: you can't be witty with me Lex

Lexlien: oh yes i can

theBIGjensen: as far as you know... but what do you know anyway?

Lexlien: Sarah and I are conspiring against you

theBIGjensen: no you're not

theBIGjensen: trust me

Lexlien: oh, we're two steps ahead of you Courtney

theBIGjensen: what good does that do? 2 steps ahead gets you nowhere judging by the way you walk

Lexlien: just because I don't take steroids...

theBIGjensen: maybe you should

Lexlien: would you hook me up with your dealer?

theBIGjensen: you might have to drive out there to pick them up...

theBIGjensen: how's your license coming? getting ready for the test soon? what are you driving these days?

Lexlien: you know...look across the street

theBIGjensen: I see nothing

theBIGjensen: is that yours?

theBIGjensen: it's pretty nice

Lexlien: Hey, how's CHEMEKETA?

theBIGjensen: how's high school?

theBIGjensen: listen Lex, as a friend, please give up before you're crying

Lexlien: that's unlikely

theBIGjensen: good because it doesn't particularly matter to me if you're in tears. i was just playing the role of a concerned neighbor.

Lexlien: leave my friend alone!

Lexlien: you are getting a little out of line

theBIGjensen: no thanks

theBIGjensen: I'd leave you alone, but then you'd be by yourself... so

Lexlien: too bad your one friend lives in NY

theBIGjensen: too bad you have no friends

theBIGjensen: if only somebody liked you... wouldn't that be the day?

Lexlien: that's completely unsupported

Lexlien: so it doesn't work too well

theBIGjensen: you aren't making any sense, your defense has withered into babbling

Lexlien: that's your only comeback now, i'm confused you're not making sense

theBIGjensen: What?

theBIGjensen: Your babbling still

theBIGjensen: maybe as you get older you will learn proper grammar and sentence structure, but for now, keep striving in school

theBIGjensen: c'mon trooper, get those grades up!

theBIGjensen: are you thinking still?

theBIGjensen: How's your save the whale poster?

theBIGjensen: freeing the mammals still?

theBIGjensen: listen Lex, you gotta learn to type a little faster neighbor, 1:7 isn't a very good ratio... hand skills, hand skills!

Lexlien: well, some of us aren't as skilled as you

Lexlien: with hand skills

theBIGjensen: obviously, some of those are you

Lexlien: I just don't get the practice you do

theBIGjensen: that's cuz nobody likes you

theBIGjensen: you'll grow out of it

theBIGjensen: don't worry

theBIGjensen: things will start going your way some day

Lexlien: well, that didn't work out too well for you

theBIGjensen: right, right...

theBIGjensen: how's your life treating you?

theBIGjensen: all by yourself again?

theBIGjensen: always?

Lexlien: Courtney, it's lame if it has no factual basis!

theBIGjensen: Lex, it's lame if you type things

Lexlien: Sorry I'm slow, it's because I'm popular and I'm talking to four other people

theBIGjensen: you don't need to lie to make friends

theBIGjensen: sorry.. oh are you crying?

theBIGjensen: don't cry, just because I'm better than you

Lexlien: Sorry, five now

theBIGjensen: I'm sure you're better at some things... probably not, but I'll let you believe that

theBIGjensen: Well, I better go before I start to feel guilty.

theBIGjensen: If I keep this up, I'm going to have to apologize for making you cry all day and night

Lexlien: You go to CHEMEKETA!

theBIGjensen: you're in high school... and where's your next embarrassing letter of rejection coming from?

theBIGjensen: sorry, a little childish "free the whale" person such as yourself will make quite an earning at the local Texaco

theBIGjensen: don't worry, gas prices are going up

theBIGjensen: you here still?

theBIGjensen: eyes all blurry from the tears?

theBIGjensen: don't cry it's okay, for me, you're pretty much screwed in this life... But I'll be allright

theBIGjensen: At least you're able to type, if you were talking it wouldn't sound nearly as good... chipmunks never really had the ability to criticize people... but I'm off, good bye neighborly trash:-)

theBIGjensen: okay I'm just fully joking about everything

Lexlien: yeah right

theBIGjensen: just practicing my skills

Lexlien: you're mean

theBIGjensen: I know

Lexlien: leave me alone

theBIGjensen: I just wanted a challenge

Lexlien: whatever jerk

theBIGjensen: haha

theBIGjensen: you're the one who said you could win

theBIGjensen: you don't go against the master

Lexlien: when did I say that? NEVER!!!

Lexlien: Now leave me alone, you're mean

theBIGjensen: if you look back up to the top, it says it clearly

theBIGjensen: "You can't beat me" you- "Oh yes I can"
remember that?

theBIGjensen: that was you talking

theBIGjensen: well, I'm leaving enjoy your 5 imaginary Internet buddies:-)

Lexlien: shut up, you are being so rude!

theBIGjensen: I know, I'm good at it

theBIGjensen: you can't avoid me though, I live 40 feet away from you

Lexlien: well, I hope your proud of yourself

theBIGjensen: was it the chipmunk bit?

theBIGjensen: it was all fun in games, it's just that the fun belonged to me because of my victory

Lexlien: whatever jerk

theBIGjensen: hehe...

theBIGjensen: I know

theBIGjensen: bye