theBIGjensen: simon sold it to you!?

HEMood333: huh?

theBIGjensen: yes then?

theBIGjensen: you know simon....

theBIGjensen: that's what he said

theBIGjensen: and he said your name specifically

HEMood333: what are you talking about

theBIGjensen: simon

HEMood333: simon?

theBIGjensen: he went to sprague with you

theBIGjensen: graduated one year earlier

theBIGjensen: he called me just to say he sold everything

HEMood333: alright

theBIGjensen: you got it?

HEMood333: sure

HEMood333: i gtg though

theBIGjensen: that's cool... enjoying it so far?

HEMood333: sure

theBIGjensen: okay

HEMood333: what ever you are talking about

theBIGjensen: you said you knew

HEMood333: bye

theBIGjensen: thanks very much