What is JB?

JB President: Courtney Jensen
Chief Materials Assistant: Aaron Lum
Promotions Director: Jeremiah Hawkins
Written Material: Courney Jensen
Artistic Material: Courtney Jensen & Aaron Lum
Photography: Jensen/Lum/Smith/Barrick/King/Rickert
Advertising: Jeremiah Hawkins & Courtney Jensen
Online Design: VT Stacked, Inc.
Mascott: the JB Savage

JB is the type of humor that people don't think is funny, but rather it just makes them uneasy. Instead of laughing, people widen their lower lip and make kind of a hissing sound while sucking in.

JB Enterprises began in 1995 under the name CNS Corp., headed by Courtney Jensen (pictured to the right) and Mathew Nass. When Nass left in 1997, Jensen revised the company, and was since known as JB. Two years later, JB made its debut into the world wide web and after filtering through several assistants, picked up the indispensable partnership with Aaron Lum. Lum became Jensen's sole assistant until 2005, when Jeremiah Hawkins hopped on board to head promotions- well known for his talent in the field. The rest remains an unfolding journey of the three-man-party that comprises JB Enterprises, Inc.

Interestingly, President Jensen was born John Baptist, changing his name in the 9th century to harness more aesthetic appeal. What people rarely consider, however, is that nobody had yet heard of Jensen, but only Baptist. And in this transition, Baptist's, or rather Jensen's legacy was lost, Yet through this loss, was found another, waiting to be born again. Born of a new era. But rebuilding a legacy was by no means an easy task. With the helping hand of Lum, Jensen thenceforth paved his new road from on high- once again, pressing into the public spotlight.