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JB coorporate antics
The JB Industry is proud to be concluding their fourth year serving the city of Salem, OR. As a sound establishment, we at JB have migrated across the country, from California to New York in sales and coorporate antics. We've appreciated your support over the years, and we've enjoyed the expansion as an independant company. Hopefully in the years to come, we will become an international success stretching across the globe. Until then, please enjoy what our employees are originating inside the walls of the company. Inside JB Coorporate America...

JB co-founder and coorporate manager, Courtney Jensen:

Uncomfortable Grunting: mastered by Mikkelson
Where's Albany?
Cologne Hugs
Speak of Tonya
Worthless Mexican: only accomplished by Mikkelson
Take your pants off
Rummage through any garage as a sale
Towing Service contace representative
Police Scene
Sardine Spine
Loud, loud conversations of innapropriate things: mastered by Grant
Neck Poke
Drive thru candy to go
Drive thru cracker payment
Drive thru angellic employee
Drive thru patients (sitting until forced to leave)
Drive thru sunroof payment
Drive thru dying hood pop
Gay spoils the mood
Cleveland Steamers sold here
What a bunch of garbage
Leg hump: mastered by Mikkelson
Bathroom Genital Point
Grapefruit pulp cough and pass-off
Smiley face windshield donut
Busick Bellows
Grab my wet, wet, dirty snot rag please
Breaker 9
Chat room systems opporator
Bridge advertising and affectionate love
Foot slap, baby foot slap
Steet chalk love
I have a FISH TANK
Flat tire
House for sale
Online Automotive sale
Lien terrorization in general
Angling Produce
An angry honking opportunity
Charleston Chew as representative of everything
What's on your shirt: completely mastered by Danielle

JB co-founder and administrator of action, Andrew Mikkelson:

Homeless interviewing
Brights into an elderly novelist
Trumpet the school children
Trumpet the drive thru
May I take your order- off at 60 through the back field
Throw me the BOX
Playing and singing songs AT people in heavy offense
You stupid bitch
Napkin hurl

JB manager of public relations, Mike Dilger:

Potato, potato, potato
Car problems but I can still make it
Proper sentence structure pausing

Coastal California JB sector manager, Scott Brice:

Yo yo yo
Sex with dead animals
Penis juice
Let me speak with the employee of the month now please
Poke old people with sharp pencils
Porn clarification
Display of anger for the manager
Take it on foot from here
My dad joined the army for a challenge

JB head of national female relations, Danielle King:

Handicapped keyboard slap and pass-off
Roth's Pianist
Fire wet rags on bare backs below
My name is Katie, I've had my eye on you, call me
Wide foot radius barricade
Corey? Are you Corey?
Wet Crotch

New York JB sector proprietor, Grant Lightner:

CEO of private practice later to be titled JB, Matt Nass

JB consumer associate, Andrew Barrick:

JB consumer associate, Ben Smith:

JB new consumer associate, Tony Jeffries:

JB alternate consumer influences