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Too many people lack the belief in Christianity, and I myself have problems with faith too often. It comes from a world that pressures faith as a fairy tale. People all the time say the Bible counters science and science is true. Okay, what part of the Bible counters what science? Evolution? Charles Darwin was the father of the evolutionary theory. Charles Darwin was a Christian- and besides that the theory that we all came from monkeys was disproved by science a few years back. It's just popular science fiction subject now because it seems interesting- of course there's still huge holes in the theory. Why are there still monkeys if they became humans? So how about the "big bang" theory? Many of the greatest scientists in the world who are working on this are Christians. Science and the Bible are in line with each other unless you twist the meanings of one or the other.

So in this, why was faith lost in the trust of the Bible by so many people if I say it's just as reliable today? It comes down to belief in Jesus as God. That's the foundation for everything. If you believe God came to earth in human form as Jesus and died on the cross for you, that's everything. So why should you believe? Basically you can believe in the truth of Jesus and God as the same being depending on the trust in the author of the claim, or in this case authors. If you have an understanding that these authors are not decieving you, then you can believe that what their writing says represents the truth. It's actually pretty simple- it's just the integrity of the authors.

John, Luke, and Matthew have all represented Jesus as God. Each have written him to have attributes only God could possess. John describes him as being self-existent, omniscient, and having eternal life. Matthew attributes to him omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence as qualities, and Luke, like the other two, describes him as omnipotent.

Beyond the descriptions in Biblical text, there’s reason to believe that Jesus is God in a more modern logical context. One example is our calendar. What year were you born? That year is entirely derived from the life and death of Christ. Jesus has made impact on nearly every aspect of every life. He is by far the most influential person to ever walk our planet. So where does this impact come from? Buddha, Muhammad, and Confucius didn’t carry nearly the same weight in terms of influence, and for one reason, they did not claim to be God as did Jesus. This claim is what puts such great focus on his life and death. The question comes down to belief, however. The issue is whether or not you believe this claim to be true.

There are thousands of arguments against the claims of Jesus and God as one. But most are based in theoretical ideas not entirely derived from Biblical scripture. One rebuttal to Jesus being God is the death of Jesus. If Jesus died, then God died. Everybody knows the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, the burial, and his resurrection on the third day, Easter. However, it would take God to revive a dead body, and if God was dead from the death of Jesus, how could Jesus have risen on the third day?

Okay, seems logical, but can you explain your soul? The soul is usually understood as a part of a person often regarded as immortal. But where is it? Nobody has ever understood that, just as nobody can understand anything of God. The death of Jesus was the death of a body occupied by God. God isn’t defined by a human body. When you die, providing you believe in afterlife, it's just the death of your body. God transcends everything and is everywhere according to scripture. He is not confined to the walls of human flesh. To occupy a body does not mean for God to be set in specified coordinates on our planet. The death of the body of Christ, would not at all be the same as the death of God. If you believe in afterlife, then according to scripture, the death of the human body is not the death of the soul. So just as humans would live on after death, God would continue to exist. Because God is still alive, he could then resurrect the body of Christ, while still being Christ, just not confined to the theoretical limitations we like to establish because of our own capabilities and understanding.

Another criticism is that Jesus himself never claimed to be God, but was instead portrayed as God. An individual who apparently skipped past the book of John originated this criticism. There were numerous claims by Christ directly that implied equality with God. “If you knew Me, you would know My Father also.” “He who hates Me, hates My Father also.” “If you do not honor me as you honor the Father, you dishonor us both.” The claims go on and on, but the claim is already obvious. The Jews understood the claims of Christ in their hatred of him as they would not stop to consider the possibility of his claims as truth. “For a good work we do not stone you, but for blasphemy and because you being a man make yourself out to be God.”

Other people like to claim Jesus was nothing more than a great teacher of morals. We know Jesus claimed to be God. What person, who has good morals, claims to be God if he is not? If Jesus, a teacher of morals, were lying, he would not be moral. If the claim were a falsehood, the individual establishing the claim would either have to be insane, or lying. Jesus taught all to be honest regardless of the cost and it’s this claim that drove him to the cross to be crucified. If he wouldn’t have made these claims, he wouldn’t have been tortured, but he preached honesty.

So maybe he was insane and believed he was God when it was untrue. He is often regarded as the greatest teacher of morality in history and great teachers typically aren’t insane. He was the greatest figure in history, and men died for their belief in both the resurrection and his being God. Andrew, Bartholomew, James, James the son of Alphaeus, James the son of Zebedee, John, Mathew, Peter, Phillip, Simon, Thaddeus, and Thomas all died for him because they wouldn’t deny these beliefs they had in him.

As I mentioned earlier, belief isn’t fact. There’s room for falsehood in belief; that’s why they’re understood as opinion. But if the resurrection hadn’t occurred, they would have all known, and would therefore not believe in what they were to die for, and if they would have denied it, they wouldn’t have died. The other option Jesus had as a man, was to be God.

This claim cannot be scientifically proven. Jesus cannot be scientifically proven. Science is just systematized observation and experimentation. We cannot observe and experiment on Jesus today. It is history that would determine the accuracy of the claim. Science cannot prove that you went to work last week. But you will get a paycheck with the recorded hours for historical documentation.

This brings us back once again to whether or not the authors of the bible are reliable and trustworthy. It’s the final question in belief of the claim. You don’t need understanding of God to understand the claim that Jesus is God. The entire New Testament was entirely completed prior to the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD. Aristotle wrote his poetics in 343 BC. The earliest copy in existence of the poetics is 1100AD, so we have no verification as to whether it is even what he originally wrote. In the case with the New Testament, we have 20,000 authentic copies of the original text. There’s no gap for error in the recreation. All geographical facts, and those that are open to science have been proven in accuracy today, and the time in which is was written was so close to the life of Jesus, that any falsehood would have been recognized. If I were to write about Michael Jordan’s basketball career and make up stories, everyone would know. But in the case of the Bible, it was believed when it was created. No secular writings of the same time period can match any of the tests of accuracy the New Testament have passed, yet are still believed to be truthful.

So in that, and by much more that I don't feel like typing, the Bible has been proven to be reliable and accurate and depict Jesus as God, who died for you. Now I'm just a twenty year old prick who is thankful for what he was given. Jesus knows what's in my heart even though i'm just a sinner. But He still hooks me up in this life with more than I appreciate. Lord, thank you... Thanks for everything from cereal to my rocketfox... I love you Jesus and you know that...