PROTEIN SOURCES ------------------------- 10% or leaner ground beef Lean steak/top sirloin/other cuts Lean ground chicken Skinless chicken breasts/other sections Extra lean ground turkey Lean turkey breasts/other sections Extra lean sausage/turkey sausage Extra lean pork Extra lean ham, sliced or whole Extra lean bacon Lean elk/deer cuts Jerky of any type Extra lean meat balls of any type Extra lean duck/pheasant/quail Shrimp/Prawns/Crawfish Crab Lobster Scallops Oysters/Muscles/Clams Tuna/Sardines Pollock/Mackeral/Swordfish/Halibut/Trout/etc. Salmon Frog legs Shark Calimari/Squid/Octupus Extra firm tofu Eggs- primarily whites Lowfat or nonfat cottage cheese Lowfat or nonfat ricotta cheese Lowfat cheeses- swiss/chedder/sharp/jack/etc. Gelatin Flavorless protein powder (whey, casein, egg) Fry, bake, boil, bbq, grill, smoke, steam or do any other style of preparation on any individual meat, or meats, or anything else off of the protein list above. (Grill up some lean steaks, bbq some chicken breasts, boil some shrimp, fry up some ham, etc. Be creative. Pick any protein source off that list and prepare it any way you like. Hard boiled eggs (primarily egg whites) Scrambled eggs (primarily whites w/ some lowfat cheese, any meat and a little salsa if you want) Fried eggs (primarily whites) Ham and cheese egg white omelet Deviled eggs. Go easy on the 'deviled'. Mix as much mustard and seasonings as you want, but the mayo and egg yolks keep fairly minimal. Low carb protein drink powders mixed into either water, or a calorie free drink (Crystal Light, Calorie-free Koolaid, etc.) Ready to drink low carb protein shakes- in order beginning with the best (Isopure, Worldwide Ultra Pure Protein, ABB Pure Pro, EAS Myoplex Low Carb, Ultimate Low Carb shake, Atkin's shake) Low carb protein bars- in order beginning with the best, ending with still good (Met-Rx Protein Plus, Solid Protein, Designer Whey Bar, Labrada Lean Body Low Carb and Labrada Lean Body Carb Watchers, Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Bar, Twinlab Power Pro, Muscle Tech's Nitro-Tech, ISS Pro 42 Bar, EAS Myoplex Low Carb Bar, Premiere Eight, Biochem Ultimate Protein Bar, Biochem Ultimate Low Carb Bar 2, Pure Protein, Universal Dr's Diet bar, Universal CarbRite, Atkins Advantage, Metabolift Low Carb, Sportpharma Lean Protein Bar) Don't overdo this page. These are your great tasting, boredom clearing options. They’re won’t hurt you, but a good majority of them cost twice what they’re worth. So eat these on occasion if you’re bored of the whole meat thing… Sugar-free Jello Homemade cookies, brownies, or pancakes made with either Atkins bake mix, Carbolite Zero-Carb Bake mix, CarbSense bake mix, or Keto brand bake mix. Homemade bread with CarbSense, Carbolite, or Keto, or Ketogenics brand low carb bread mix with Keto or Jok n Al brand low carb fruit spreads Breakthrough brand Lean Protein Bites Carbolite or Keto brand Baked Protein Chips Cheeter's brand Low Carb Crackers CarbSense brand cold or hot cereal Due Amici or Pro-Slim brand Low Carb Pasta with Keto or Jok n Al brand sauce/seasonings/condiments Homemade sno-cones with blended ice and Da Vinci brand sugar free syrups (They make 34 different flavors that I'm aware of) Coffee or tea with Splenda brand sweetener- other calorie free sweeteners won't kill you though (i.e. Equal, Sweet n' Low, etc.) Calorie-free drinks - Walmart's brand of 32oz clear flavored calorie free drinks are well worth the 58 cents. Diet pop isn't great, but it's calorie free and tastes better than water ever could.