Hi. These are five different menus set up for convienience. At meal time, pick something off of the menu designed for the appropriate time. If you're going to work out in 4 hours or less, pick whatever you want off the "within 4 hours of a workout" menu. If you're not going to work out in the next 4 hours and it's before 3:00 (not 3:06), pick a selection off of the "before 3:00pm" menu. If it's after 3, pick off the after 3 list. If you just finished a cardio workout, pick off the post cardio menu, and likewise, if you just finished a weight workout, eat something off the post weight menu. Each menu arranges every meal in order of best to mediocre, beginning with the best. So the top meal on page one of every menu is the best thing you could possibly eat at that specific time. The second meal is nearly as good, third is almost as good as the second, and so on. This way, I set it up to cure bordom of food with plenty of available options, but if you're picking the bottom choice on page three every time, your results are going to come at about a tenth the pace they could be coming if you were in the higher up group of choices every time. So keep these somewhere handy and enjoy your food while maintaining the foundation of it all in meal timing and consistency. Also, many of the meals have "a low sugar protein powder" in them. To cure any confusion on what this may be or which ones are the best, here's a list in order of a bunch of the protein powders that don't have anything weird in them. They're arranged best to worst, beginning with the highest quality and ending with still okay- although if I were you, thinking in terms of qualtity for the money, I would go with Optimum Nutrition 100% natural whey. Thinking in terms of quality, I would go with either Designer Whey or an Optimum Nutrition. But here's all your choices arranged in order of quality... Isopure, Cytopro, Optimum Pro Complex, Designer Whey, Nitro-Tech, Optimum 100% Whey, ISS Complete Whey, SportPharma, Fitness Labs WheyFit, Prolab 100% Whey, MLO Milk and Egg protein powder, EAS Simply Whey, Iron-Tek 100% Whey, Supplement Direct 100% Whey