Biophysical Polydeism is the rational belief that the rudimentary teachings of numerous religions, in conjunction with science, are correct.

Regarding religion, in its purest form, it was founded on universal truths. However, just as the evolution of communication has left us with countless languages and dialects, the universal truths of religion have similarly adapted over time, eventually resulting in a wide array of religious doctrines. This developmental phenomenon fashioned dogmatic barriers to the acceptance other teachings, despite the fact that all belief systems are rooted in the same fundamental truths.

Science, historically perceived as a major opponent of religion, is the belief system residing at the other end of the spectrum. The nature of science, being that which is testable and reproducible, continues to provide us with systematic insight into the depths of our existence. Though the proper scientific method is indisputable, it is often used in attempt to dispute religious doctrines. However, as religion is neither testable, nor reproducible via scientific method, the legitimacy of science fails in this realm.

It is the nature of both science and religion to be, by themselves, incomplete and thus inadequate. When a Person's ideological constitution is purely constructed of science, that Person's understanding of existence and meaning is extraordinarily limited and inconsistent. Contrarily, when that constitution is comprised purely of a pre-existing, unadulterated religion, that Personís understanding of existence and meaning is riddled with confounding variables.

Despite this, religion misguidedly rejects science just as science misguidedly rejects religion. For this reason, we continue to endure a global and cultural failure to achieve wholeness of Self via any pre-existing ideology, be it scientific or theological.

As such, Biophysical Polydeism is the logical and necessary marriage of science and spirituality.

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