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You guys should expand the list a little more, maybe like just to 200 or something.

We're all aware that there's a lot of really great games outside of the top 100. So we made the "next 50" section to try to encompass the narrow misses. If we went any further than that, we would really just be pushing the limits on how interesting it would be. If we get this request enough times, maybe, but for now, we don't feel there are enough people out there who would be all that interested in which game ranks in at number 193. So keep casting your vote on whatever it is that hasn't yet reached number 150, and we'll see what happens.

NHQ should not only have a top 100 overall list, but also have a top 25 or something like that in each category. Like top 25 RPG's, top 25 adventures, top 25 action, sports, puzzle, etc.

Very true, we should. But it gets a little hard to maintain all of that. The top 150 games plus hot titles, cold titles, records, and top in each class. That right there is a lot to maintain. Adding to it might be just frustrating. But if other people come at us with this request, we may consider it.

You guys should write in chart peak positions. Like just in the top 100 or something, write in the highest position every game has ever been ranked.

Yeah, believe it or not, we're working on this one. The problem is that right at the start when the poll first got going, the votes were pretty low and the games changed positions a lot, so we're trying to figure out everywhere the games were back then. Luckily that task didn't fall on me to do. If you want it up right away, send Alvie an email ( with some words of encouragement. At the current rate, we're looking at quite a while.

You guys should allow other people to advertise on your site and you should hire me to take care of it- I promise I'll make you guys money.

That's awesome, and we appreciate your concern and genuine focus on our little business here, but if we started putting up all these advertisements all over our website it would begin to get pretty annoying. Maybe in the future we'll put up a couple little tiny conspicuous advertisements, but the money would have to be well worth the hassle. Again, thanks for your concern.

You guys should allow everyone to have access to your price guide and rarity lists- not just hide them off in your employee section.

I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you'd want to clarify?

I know you know what I'm talking about. Someone who used to be an employee told me you guys have this massively elaborate NES price guide and rarity list in your employee-only section. Why are they only available for employees?

Yeah, that's just a little rumor that was going around.

But I saw pages printed from them- one of them was called the NESbeckett and the other one was like NEScarcity or something.

I'm holding strong to my rumor statement.

Any chance that you guys are hiring?

No, sorry. We'd love to help out with the whole unemployment issue, but we're pretty small right now. We've just got a few employees and that's really all we need. And in the mean time, we enjoy ourselves too much to go anywhere else. If we are ever hiring though, we'll certainly let you guys know.