Position #150 (5,781)
Ice HockeyNES, March 1988
After having fallen off the chart nearly two years ago, Ice Hockey reclaimed its top 150 status for the January 2008 chart update. The game is simple; Ice Hockey. It's the simplest sports game conceivable - just a big white screen and a few guys floating across it. Somehow between the originality, the game play, controlling, and mainly the competition, when it was released, so many years ago, the replay value was amazing, making it one of the most simple and classic sports games today, and now back on the chart.

Position #150 (4,871)
Kunio-Kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom, 1993
This game finally represented a sports title that was enjoyed by people other than sports fans. You controlled the captain of your team through any number of weather conditions, whether that came in the form of small wind gusts and rain, or tornadoes and lightning. This was one of the more notable and distinguishing features of this game, as it was very unique for any sports title to change the game play in this way. Players will slip through or sink in muddy fields, get blasted with lightning, or the ball may even get electrocuted making it dangerous to handle. In addition to the variety of game play in this way, your players have numerous moves further expanding the control options and game play. And possibly best of all for the non-sports fans, after every goal you get to control your player through the crowd-pleaser show-off phase. Though it incorporates competitive aspects that sports fans thrive on, all audiences can find great entertainment in this wacky soccer game.
Position #149 (5,789)
Chip and Dale's Rescue RangersNES
Capcom took the beloved Disney cartoon, which at that time had already achieved popularity enough to produce McDonald's toys and stuffed animals based on the show, and produced one of the best games of the year. The story was a basic extension of the characters in the cartoon, where you choose either Chip or Dale to journey forth and rescue a neighbor, but along the way, a cute little mouse named Gadget is chipmunk-napped by the main villain, Fat Cat, and now you have another mission that accounts for bigger journey. It is not a difficult journey by any means, as it could be completed in the hour it was purchased, but it was a well designed journey nonetheless. Graphically, it exceeded the other titles of its era, the music always seemed to suit the action, the play control was precise, and the overall design was excellent. Though it might not have produced endless hours of originality and variation, it produced countless hours of repetition, by which somehow the fun never faded.
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