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Consoles, Controllers, and Accessories
PSone systemcomplete59.95
Dreamcast systemcomplete59.95
Power Glovew/ both manuals23.95
U-Forcew/ all 3 manuals26.95
2 NES Controllersin box14.95
N64 Controllerblack, in box19.95
NES Advantagealone16.95
NES Maxalone10.95
NES Powerpadin box39.95
NES Cleaning Kitcomplete13.95
N64 Rumble Packalone7.95
N64 Memory Card Pluscomplete10.95

Atari Anniversary Edition (Dreamcast)CD only5.95
Dragon Warrior VII (PS1)complete35.95
King's Quest VI (PC-CD)w/ both books9.95
Master of Magic (PC-CD)complete34.95
NBA 2K2 (Dreamcast)complete7.95
NFL 2K2 (Dreamcast)complete7.95
Sega Bass Fishing (Dreamcast)CD only5.95
Unreal Tournament (Dreamcast)missing manual6.95
World Series Baseball 2K1 (Dreamcast)complete7.95
WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)CD Only5.95

Strategy Guides
Breath of FirePrima, 160pg34.95
Donkey Kong 64Nintendo12.95
Dragon Warrior, NESNintendo17.95
Dragon Warrior II, NESUnveiled Secrets21.95
Dragon Warrior MonstersPrima59.95
Dragon Warrior VIIPrima14.95
Paper MarioNintendo27.95
Super Game Boy GuideNintendo14.95
Super Mario 64Nintendo24.95
Super Mario Kart 64Nintendo24.95
Super Mario SunshineNintendo15.95
Super Street Fighter IIBradygames22.95
Zelda: Majora's MaskBradygames, 192pg16.95
Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo16.95
Zelda: Wind WakerNintendo16.95
Best N64 Codes/Tips 1998/Previews 1999Nintendo6.95
N64 Power Tips: Top 64 Tips for the N64Nintendo6.95

Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 164Driver 3, Zelda Wind Waker3.95
Game Player's Strategy Guide vol.4 #1Dragon Warrior II15.95
Nintendo Power vol.27Megaman, Dragon Warrior II,III12.95
Nintendo Power vol.34Zelda: Link-Past, 1991 Awards12.95
Nintendo Power vol.68Bonus Issue, Batman and Robin4.95
Nintendo Power vol.92Star Wars, Mario Kart 64, DKC34.95
Nintendo Power vol.93Super Mario Kart 644.95
Nintendo Power vol.94Turok, M.Kart 64, Zelda64, Starfox644.95
Nintendo Power vol.96Doom64, Starfox643.95
Nintendo Power vol.98Starfox 64, E33.95
Nintendo Power vol.100100 greatest games, codes, scores, etc.10.95
Nintendo Power vol.103Diddy Kong Racing, Zelda644.95
Nintendo Power vol.104Yoshi's Story, Japan Show N64 Previews3.95
Nintendo Power vol.1061080 Snowboarding, Quest643.95
Nintendo Power vol.108Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, Banjo-Kazooie4.95
Nintendo Power vol.109Banjo Kazooie, E34.95
Nintendo Power vol.110WWF Warzone, Quest64, Banjo Kazooie3.95
Nintendo Power vol.111Bomberman Hero, Turok 23.95
Nintendo Power vol.112F-Zero, Zelda644.95
Nintendo Power vol.113Turok 2, Zelda644.95
Nintendo Power vol.115Star Wars, Zelda: Ocarina of Time4.95
Nintendo Power vol.116Castlevania64, Link's Awakening DX4.95
Nintendo Power vol.117Mario Party4.95
Nintendo Power vol.119Beetle Racing, Super Smash Bros.3.95
Nintendo Power vol.120Star Wars: Racer, E33.95
Tips and Tricks n82Dragon Warrior VII8.95

Mario Kart 64 Telephoneboxed/complete41.95
Dragon Quest Monsters 35pc figure setcomplete on stands in case52.95
Dragon Warrior III mapmatted and laminated11.95
Dragon Warrior IV World Travel Sketches bookJapanese full color28.95
Dragon Quest Jump Comics issue 11new5.95
Dragon Quest Jump Comics issue 15new5.95
Diddy Kong Racing videoNintendo Power Video6.95
Star Fox 64 videoNintendo Power Video6.95
Hot Newz 64 videoNintendo Power Video6.95
The WizardVHS9.95
Mario Bobblehead Dollnew in package14.95
Zelda: Ocarina reservation bonusbag, shirt, poster (new)18.95
Starfox Adventures air freshenerfactory sealed10.95
1989 plastic Raccoon Mario figureNintendo, 19893.95
1989 plastic Luigi figureNintendo, 19894.95
1989 plastic Goomba figureNintendo, 19894.95
1989 plastic Koopa Troopa figureNintendo, 19894.95
Topps Nintendo Game Packs cards48 pack box19.95
Super Mario Bros. Tablecloth (mid 80's)factory sealed22.95
Super Mario Sunshine Beach Towelfactory sealed22.95
Bombsweeper Game&Watch multiscreen handheld game1987 (missing battery cover)14.95
1990 The Power Game Nintendo CalendarMario, Punch-Out, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Metroid, etc.22.95
Starfox Adventures Preview BookOfficial Nintendo release with pre-order7.95

One item free with every 10.00 spent
1999 Pokemon Poster CalendarNintendo Powerfree
Blue Stinger Dreamcast gamecomplete, recalled versionfree
Pokemon comic book, volume 1Nintendo Powerfree
Pokemon comic book, volume 2Nintendo Powerfree
Pokemon comic book, volume 3Nintendo Powerfree
Pokemon comic book, volume 5Nintendo Powerfree
Pokemon comic book, volume 6Nintendo Powerfree
Pokemon sticker albumNintendo (empty)free
Sonic Adventures Dreamcast gamecomplete, recalled versionfree
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer posterNintendo Powerfree
Yoshi's Story PosterNintendo Powerfree
Zelda: Ocarina of Time posterNintendo preview posterfree