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Aladdin, SNES
Amagon, NES
Blades of Steel, NES, 1987
Breath of Fire II, SNES
Castlevania III, NES, 1990
Clay Fighter, SNES
Contra III, SNES
Defender of the Crown, NES, 1989
Donkey Kong 3, NES, June 1986
Donkey Kong 64, N64
Excitebike 64, N64
Faxanado, NES
Fester's Quest, NES
Final Fantasy V, SNES
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, SNES
Ghost Busters, NES
Ghouls and Ghosts, NES
Golf, NES, October 1985
Guerilla War, NES
Harvest Moon 64, N64
Illusion of Gaia
Jackal, NES Jaws, NES
Karnov, NES
Kung Fu, NES
Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Goemon), SNES
Lifeforce, NES
Luigi's Mansion, GameCube
Mario Golf, N64
Mario is Missing, (S)NES, July 1993
Mario Party 2, N64
Mario Party 4, GameCube
Mario Tennis, N64
Mario's Time Machine, NES, June 1994
Megaman IV, NES, 1991
Megaman VII, SNES, 1995
Megaman Soccer, SNES
Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge, NES
Metroid Fusion, Game Boy 2002
Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum, NES, 1992
Milon's Secret Castle, NES
NES Play Action Football, NES, September 1990
NCAA Basketball, SNES
Operation Wolf, NES
Perfect Dark, N64
Pikimin, GameCube
Pipedream, NES
Pokemon Green/Yellow, Game Boy
Pokemon Snap, N64
Pokemon Stadium, N64
Populous, SNES
Punisher, NES
Quest 64, N64
Ring King, NES
Secret of Evermore, SNES
Spy Hunter, NES
Spy vs Spy, NES
Silent Service, NES, 1989
Starfox Adventures, GameCube
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, N64
Strider, NES
Super Bomber Man 2, SNES
Super Mario Kart: Double Dash, GC
Super Punch Out, SNES
Super Spike Volleyball, NES
Techmo Bowl, NES
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, SNES
TMNT III: The Manhattan Project, NES
TMNT fall of the foot clan, Game Boy
Tony Hawk Pro Skater, N64
Top Gun, NES
Ultima VI, SNES
Wanders from Y's, NES
Wario's Woods, NES, December 1994
Wizards and Warriors, NES
Wizards and Warriors II: Iron Sword, NES
Yoshi's Story, N64
Zanac, NES
Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Game Boy, 2001
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (100+ higher than Ages), Game Boy 2001