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(November 2, 2012)

The Wii U (Nintendo's next generation console) was announced at E3, June 7, 2011.
It plays 12-centimeter optical discs and is backwards compatible with the Wii.
The multi-core micro processor by IBM is more powerful than PS3's and X-Box 360's.
It supports HD with HDMI outputs as well as composite, component, and S-video.
The controller has a built-in 6.2 inch, 16:9 touch screen, an accelerometer, camera,
rumble feature, microphone, stereo speakers, sensor strip, and supports video calls
and web browsing. It will be released in 2012.

The April 01 2009 NHQ Chart Update is complete. Please note that - as of today - the NHQ Top Games of All Time Chart will be temporarily frozen (after being continuously active for a decade). As such, the present influx of votes will not influence the position of the games in the chart. This freeze will remain active until we can once again afford employee expenses to continue updating. Thus, when income permits, we will re-open voting. Until then, please enjoy the history and present status of NHQ.

As far as the movers from the quarter of January through March, no titles gained or lost ground within the top ten, meaning Super Mario Bros. 3 is still on top. The highest mover this time around was Castlevania, overtaking Super Mario World. A few spots behind, Tetris overtook Megaman and just behind them, Zelda II overtook Double Dragon to squeeze into the top 25.

Later in the chart, Paper Mario II is now tied with Zelda Majora's Mask for the 84th rank, but because Majora's Mask held the rank on January 01, it continues to keep its advantage in chart rank presently. Another dozen spots behind, Diddy Kong Racing became the 97th game to break 10k votes.

All chart moves this quarter are listed below:

The complete list of chart moves is listed below
April 09January 09
Harvest Moon +4

Metroid 2 +3
Starfox +3
Super Castlevania IV +3

Actraiser +2
California Games +2
Earthbound +2
Final Fantasy Legend +2
RPG Tsukuuru +2
Secret of Mana +2

Bad Dudes +1
Banjo-Kazooie +1
Battletoads +1
Castlevania +1
Caveman Games +1
Chip n' Dale’s Rescue Rangers +1
Chrono Trigger +1
Contra +1
Donkey Kong +1
Duck Hunt +1
Dragon Quest V +1
Dragon Quest VI +1
Gumshoe +1
Hogan's Alley +1
Mario Land 2 +1
Mario Paint +1
Master Blaster +1
Mortal Kombat +1
Paper Mario +1
Paper Mario 2 +1
Ogre Battle +1
Super Metroid +1
Tetris +1
Zelda Windwaker +1
Zelda II: Adventures of Link +1

1942 -1
Bionic Commando -1
Double Dragon -1
Kid Icarus -1
Final Fight -1
Gauntlet -1
Guardian Legend -1
John Madden Football -1
Maniac Mansion -1
Mario Bros. -1
Mario Party -1
Megaman -1
Megaman III -1
Megaman X -1
Metroid Prime -1
NES Open -1
Pilotwings 64 -1
Pro Wrestling -1
Rampage -1
R.C. Pro Am -1
Shadowgate -1
Super Ghouls n' Ghosts -1
Super Mario World -1
Super Offroad -1
WWF Wrestlemania -1
Zelda: Majora's Mask -1

Baseball Stars -2
Bases Loaded 2 -2
Kirby's Adventure -2
Marble Madness -2
Ultima IV -2

Ikari Warriors -3
Ken Griffey Jr Baseball -3
Pinball -3

WCW vs NWO World Tour -4
Super Castlevania IV +7

Ninja Gaiden II +6

Marble Madness +4

Caveman Games +2
Metroid 2 +2
Pokemon Red/Blue +2
Sin and Punishment +2
Super Ghouls n' Ghosts +2
Zelda: Majora's Mask +2

Actraiser +1
Adventures of Lolo +1
Chrono Trigger +1
Crystalis +1
Double Dragon II +1
Final Fantasy III +1
Ghosts n' Goblins +1
Ikari Warriors +1
Kid Icarus +1
Kirby's Adventure +1
Lufia +1
Mario Bros +1
Megaman +1
Megaman III +1
Ninja Gaiden +1
Paper Mario +1
Paper Mario 2 +1
Pilotwings 64 +1
Pokemon Gold/Silver +1
Skate or Die II +1
Super Mario Land +1
Super Metroid +1
Super Smash Bros Melee +1

Bionic Commando -1
Bust-a-Move -1
Contra -1
Donkey Kong -1
Dragon Quest V -1
Gradius -1
Hogan's Alley -1
Megaman X -1
Pocket Monsters -1
Pro Wrestling -1
RC Pro-Am -1
Sim City -1
Tetris -1
Ultima IV -1
World Class Track Meet -1
WCW vs NWO World Tour -1
WWF Wrestlemania -1
Zelda: Link's Awakening -1

Arch Rivals -2
Bases Loaded 2 -2
Duck Hunt -2
Dragon Quest VI -2
Lemmings -2
Pac-Man -2
RPG Tsukuuru -2
Shadowgate -2
Super Mario Land 3 -2

Blaster Master -3
Ken Griffey Jr Baseball -3
Mortal Kombat -3
Pinball -3

F-Zero -4

The 2008 holiday season has come and gone. At NHQ, over the holidays, we always do something special (however small). This year, we gave out a single prize to the first voter to cast a vote on Christmas day. In November, we opened up a couple boxes of our inventory, selling the majority of the contents on eBay (some of you might recall the factory sealed Mike Tyson's Punch-Out we sold in that batch... some of you will definitely recall as you were bidders on it). But we didn't list all the contents. We held one title back to give out as this year's holiday prize: a factory sealed Super Mario Bros. for NES.

During last year's holiday season, NHQ gave out ten copies of Mario Galaxy to the first ten voters who cast their votes on Christmas day. We decided to distribute this title instead of Wii consoles due to the availability of the former and well known shortage of the latter.

For those of you that were with us two years ago, you'll remember that we did in fact give out Wii consoles (three of them, along with copies of Zelda: Twilight Princess). Just like in the 2007 holiday season, they were distributed to the first three voters whose votes were received on Christmas day.

For those of you who were with us three years ago, you'll remember our 2005 holiday season tournament revival. It took place in Stockton, California and brought back the classic NES title: World Class Track Meet. Click here to see.

And one more year back, we began our tradition of holiday events, with an interview of the Minibosses. To read a summarized recap of the interview, click here.

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