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December Games Tournament Records
Winners of Each Tournament Held From March of 1996 until April of 1998

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March, 1996: Street Fighter II (71 Participants) Courtney Salem

June, 1996: Tetris (48 Participants) Jesse Klamath Falls

July, 1996: Mike Tyson's Punch Out (54 Participants) Alvie Amity

August, 1996: NBA Jam (45 Participants) John Salem

January, 1997: Super Mario Kart (59 Participants) Andrew Portland

February, 1997: World Class Track Meet (48 Participants) Hunter Salem

April, 1997: Pokemon (76 Participants) Ben Monmouth

May, 1997: Mario Kart 64 (43 Participants) Grant Salem

July, 1997: Caveman Games (41 Participants) Steve Salem

September, 1997: Goldeneye (153 Participants) Scott Los Angeles

November, 1997: Pro Wrestling (26 Participants) John Yuki (DecemberGames owner) Pacific City

December, 1997: Pinball (20 Participants) Michael Salem

January, 1998: Dr. Mario (19 Participants) Jeramiah Salem

April, 1998: Shaq Fu (51 Participants) Steve Salem

2005 Holiday Tournament Series
November 2005: World Class Track Meet (23 Participants) Audrey Stockton
November 2005: World Class Track Meet (31 Participants) Dave San Jose
December 2005: World Class Track Meet (39 Participants) Courtney Salem
Fastest 100m single trial during the tournaments: Dave: 6.10 seconds