The Warrior Diet. Yay!

I'll keep this one short. Someone wrote me, asking what I thought of the Warrior Diet. But because thousands of diets exist, and they're all exceedingly uninteresting, there are plenty that I've never heard of. This was one of those diets. So I looked it up. After reading about it, I came to the conclusion that it's overwhelmingly miserable to a laughable degree. So much so that I initially thought it was a joke. But when I realized it was an actual real thing that people did, I wrote a short response (this) and was going to put it in the FAQ section. And right then, a bunch more people asked me about it. I found that weird. And then I saw advertisements for it as well as articles praising it in an equally non-reputable array of publications. Realizing everyone else seemed to know about it, I decided to elongate my response (this) and grant this curious diet its own space. Though still a small space. So here it is: The Warrior Diet.

To briefly sum up the diet, it looks like this: eat nothing during the day, then tons at night. Before dinner, if you need to, you can eat fiber or have a little coffee, but nothing with any calories. So you wake up, skip breakfast, skip lunch, don't snack- hold out until dinner, then consume as much as you can stomach "from all 5 food groups." Then doze off for the night full and happy. This is the general summary of the Warrior Diet.

It counters all the laws of human physiology for what constitutes appropriate eating for the function of your body on virtually every level of your existence. It straight up counters pure science and tries to back it up with "historically this is what people did." It attempts to explain that, according to history, people were active during the day- working in the fields, being a warrior, doing some sort of day-long laboring trade, etc. They were busy with something that built up a huge appetite. And they let that appetite foster up until nighttime, at which point they had a huge feast with their family and friends.

Contrary to this is reality. A) To be anthropologically accurate, it is assumed that the laboring people were more likely to be "grazers" in their daily food consumption- meaning they ate what they came by instead of having organized meals. And B) the people who were eating that way- having the huge dinner feasts, were the wealthy, aristocratic families, not the laborers. And these people were huge. And the reason they were huge, is that the more obese you were, the more it showed that you were wealthy enough to eat well and not do physical laborer. Both good, fashionable things. So that was the attractive look: huge. And how did they manage to become all massive and wet with fat-person-perspiration? By eating massive dinners from all 5 food groups with their friends and family before dozing off for the night. Documented history and I both swear to you this is the case. And then C) even if we believed the weird history claims of the Warrior Diet, and agreed that the non-huge people ate that way, it totally doesn't matter. If they ate that way, they were eating bad. And i don't blame them, They didn't know anything about physiology, nutrition and so on. They could hardly speak. And they all died of old age at like 35. Even if historically they did everything the Warrior Diet claims, why it would be regarded as some sort of paragon of health and fitness, I have no idea. Honestly, I'm hugely surprised these people even survived at all. But they did. And as a race, we humans have prospered and learned a good amount along the way. And so here we are now with vast amounts of scientific research available. And even at this stage, people (Warrior Diet author) still try to preach the benefits of diets from questionably-civilized times in complete contradiction to scientific law. It really just doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever.

And since the first question I will get is "why is the diet so popular then?" I'll be helpful and explain to you now. The two groups of people who buy into the diet are those who love huge dinners, and males who want to diet without feeling like a pansy. It simply capitalizes on people's insecurities and desire to overeat. And their marketing is obviously working.

So in conclusion, do the diet if you want, but you'll just bring the average life span numbers back down. The end.