2005 Radio Segment...

The American Naturalist Diet (TAND) is a comprehensive line of attack, systematically targeting your fat cells while simultaneously promoting natural cleansing. It is clinically proven to increase fat metabolism, reverse the body's aging process, and restore youthful vigor in everyday life, unparalleled by all medical approaches*. For this reason, TAND has swept the western world with steadfast bulky. It persists. The rules are three-fold. First, you may eat that which you can produce. Second, you may eat that which you can obtain in trade, crop ala crop. Lastly, you may eat that which you can obtain via physical nimbleness. There is no other option of food-getting. We refer to these as the TAND-Commandments (or TAND-Commands), and they remain the solitary path to achieve the faultless and perfect you. Just what the doctor ordered!

If you have not rural supremacy or garden awareness, a famine may you harvest. If sleek crop of vegetation by neighbor, thence forth may you be blessed in trade. Else, variety may you comprise. If you do not possess the athletic prowess to catch a chicken and annihilate it with your bare hands, from poultry may you withhold in abstinence. Just what the doctor ordered!

Predictably, success lies strictly in your compliance and willingness to succeed. You must allocate time to master compulsory skills. You must establish community among neighbors, and wage business affairs in such a way that collaborative agriculture trading may take wing. You must develop the ambient skills of agility, suppleness and longevity. You must thwart rigidity. A life of rigidity as to a life without handkerchief/hankie. A slender assortment and nutrient shortage may you suffer.

Unbolt your culinary horizons today!

To learn more, log onto eFitnessOnline.com- and for a special treat, tell them "eFitnessOnline.com."

Now let's go to the callers.

Caller 1, you're on the air.

(Caller): Hi. Is this real?

It remains as real as you're talking and we're talking about it. You can grow your own produce or know the grower if it's grapies are firm and exposed- and shiver when so hot to touch. Such as full of vigor in an autumn night.

We're going to go to another caller. Caller 2, let's chat.

(Caller): Okay it's still me. It's from (hesitates). I'm the same- I'm the same one.

You're on the air.

(Caller): Okay... Can you use pesticides?

Yes. Not only can you use pesticides on your fruits or foliages, but you can pesticide your chickens to death. Many dieters use Mace, but again, the range of an invasive chemical slaughter is shorter than one would suppose, which continues to instill an exercise component in meat preparation. Although this encourages many TANDers to adopt vegetarian habits, this is not encouraged by TAND regulation and billow.

(Caller): Okay, thanks.

Thank you. And to learn more, simply log on to eFitnessOnline.com. And remember what to tell them: "eFitnessOnline.com."

*Statement not evaluated by the FDA.