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Hi... Courtney here.

I just want to let all of you know that I've packed up
my belongings (i.e. MyProtein articles), stuffed them
into a little flannel knapsack (ballooning with genius),
and moved.

Thus, everything that was here is now on

"Courtney, why would you do such a thing? This strikes me
as a terrible idea! ... Terrible!"

Thank you, reader. That makes me feel good about myself
as a person - all the way up into my insides....

Either way, the reason why I moved is this:
I'm currently in the process of selling
the domain name to

"Courtney, why would you do such a thing? This strikes me
as a terrible idea! ... Terrible!"

Again, reader, thank you for that.

Here's the thing, if were a flannel knapsack,
it would be ballooning with generous, industrious folk of the
most likable variety. Among industrious chaps, they're perhaps the best.

I've brewed a little batch of fondness for them over the years
and they offered me a fair price for it...

Plus, I'm looking at doctoral programs right now
and every one of them is thousands of miles away.
And the empty innards of my financial knapsack
makes the idea of moving a bit daunting (at best).

Thus, I accepted their offer.

And thus also, is my new home...
Come join me over there as a little house-warming party?

And, post-house-warming-party, know that my other home
is here: (and you're always welcome).

That's where all my other stuff is. It's like my storage shed.

Okay. That's all.