Fat Loss Accelerators...

The effective pills use ephedrine. The slightly less effective pills use chemicals and various compounds that imitate ephedrine. Basically ephedrine and ephedrine-like compounds cause the positive metabolic results as well as the side effects. Consequently they're important and we're going to talk about them.

These compounds belong to a group of substances called sympathomimetics. Sympathomimetic means that it mimics the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is your body's natural upper. The parasympathetic nervous system is your natural downer that keeps the sympathetic system in check. Your level of alertness, tiredness, etc is balanced and controlled via these two systems always working together- and this is called your autonomic balance.

Your body does a good job of controlling it too. If you're walking through the street and a sedan and a horse start racing toward you, your parasympathetic shuts down and your sympathetic fires you up. Your heart rate immediately jumps, your eyes dilate, and you become crazily alert so that you'll be able to dodge the sedan and horse with your fierce nimbleness. Immediately afterward you can feel your heart pounding, your hands are shaking, and you're breathing and talking super fast. This is what happens with a lot of sympathetic activity and little to no parasympathetic.

Conversely, if you want to take a nap, your sympathetic nervous system isn't going to fire up and make you all shaky. Rather, your parasympathetic input calms you down so you can sleep.

In any situation in life, your sympathetic and parasympathetic input balance to give you the most appropriate amount of alertness to function suitably to the scenario. With no artificial influences over this, you maintain a pretty solid autonomic balance.

Now think logically for a second. If ephedrine or other sympathomimetics mimic the sympathetic nervous system, and you eat them, you're getting an extra dose of the upper. Common sense alone would point out that this offsets the autonomic balance in favor of the upper. And if you have extra upper, your metabolism reflects that.

So now you have the physiological background to understand all of it, and the common sense that illustrates its effectiveness. We'll get into the specifics of supplementation now. Then we'll set up benefits and dangers. We'll talk about appropriate use. We'll lay a hand on Jason. And we'll learn stuff. We'll do this all together.

Let's begin. You take Hydroxycut. The sympathomimetics in Hydroxycut yield the same outcome as the sympathetic nervous system. This happens by binding to the beta-I receptors in your heart, which increase both rate and contractility with activation of the sinoatrial node (referred to as the "pacemaker" of the heart). And this isn't your sympathetic nervous system doing it, it's an independent force doing the same functions as your sympathetic system, but in addition to it. Sympathomimetics are their own separate entity- they just do the same thing. So now you have two uppers going against one downer. Obviously the uppers are winning. Because the sympathetic nervous system is critical for survival, it's not going to shut down in order to restore normal autonomic balance. Rather, you'll just have abnormal vagal tone (cardiac stuff), shaky hands, an inability to relax, and all the other functions associated with high sympathetic activity for several days. After these several days, parasympathetic activity picks up and levels you back off to an appropriate balance.

So now do you understand what that feeling is for the first several days of using your "fat loss accelerators?" It's actually kind of fun. Mildly terrifying, but interesting. I've taken these on a couple occasions. I don't miss the panic, but I said a lot per minute.

A consideration though: if the parasympathetic system picks up after a few days, causing your permanent upper state to level off, you should be wondering why they remain effective during the post-few-day mark.

Because I know you're now curious, I'll answer it for you.

Just like you noticed in the sedan and horse scenario, your body has the ability to shut off parasympathetic activity very rapidly so that your body can perform with elevated alertness, mobility, etc in times of need. The heart rate goes up, and this pumps more oxygen and energy substrates to the muscle, allowing it to perform much better. This effect doesn't just occur with near-death experience. That was an extreme example to illustrate the drastic change your body can create within the course of a second by halting parasympathetic activity completely.

"RACE YOU TO THE CAR!!!" This halts parasympathetic activity as well, just not quite as much as narrowly dodging death. But under normal circumstances, you'll get that sympathetic boost attributed to the sudden fall in parasympathetic activity. Let's say your heart rate pre-boost is 70 beats per minute. Instantly you jump something like 40 or so beats and you're pumping around 110 until the excitement lows and parasympathetic activity returns you to your resting rate.

But if you have sympathomimetics in your system and the parasympathetic activity falls to its designated level upon excitement, you're not going to jump 40 beats, you're going to jump like 100. Now instead of being slightly more dexterous and alert for functionality, you're just crazy. You might as well be in a knife fight because that's what your heart has functionally prepared you for.

So the two questions you should have are this: How is this effective? How is this dangerous?

We'll start with effective. Your heart is a muscle. Just like every other muscle in the body, using it more burns calories. This is most of your results. The other big contributing factor is that during these crazy heart beating times, you're not going to sit down and relax. Rather, you're going to spaz around and use all your other muscles a lot more. Again, muscle use burns calories far, far more than anything else you're capable of. Additionally, there are a couple other small contributions to the metabolic change. First, sympathomimetics have the potential to have some influence on thyroid hormones with some relation to metabolic function. And lastly, your splendor pills might activate uncoupling proteins. When you do this, you expend energy and gain heat production without accomplishing any work. All in all, you chronically burn more calories. These calories are principally due, however, to your trembling hands and pumping heart.

Now, how this is dangerous. When your heart rate and blood pressure jump up like crazy, it can damage your small capillaries. Too many incidences of damaged capillaries and you end up with neuropathies that halt functionality to your eyes, kidneys, and other organs, and pretty much everything else in your body. This is deemed dangerous.

Plus, if you find yourself in that horse and sedan scene, or being chased by a pride of lions, or any other near death experience, your parasympathetic nervous system is going to shut down and you're going to have so much bloody sympathetic activation (enhanced by sympathomimetic supplementation) that you're going to die. This is less good on a general level than not accomplishing weight loss goals.

The good news is when you dislike someone who's taking ephedrine, you can just scare them really bad until they die. You can legally murder someone in this way. Or if you want to make it more discreet, drive aggressively around them, flipping them off a lot. This almost always gets the heart rate up- and if someone's taking ephedrine, it would get it up a lot. Probably enough to cause capillary damage. Over time you'll accomplish your goal of killing them you sick, sick bastard.

My advice: these supplements are okay in combination with dieting. When you diet, if calories are restricted, your metabolism declines in attempt to match that restriction. This makes it really difficult to lose weight by dieting alone. If you take a small amount of ephedrine while dieting however, you can bring your metabolism back up to normal levels while you're eating fewer calories. This obviously makes the dieting more successful and probably won't kill you.

By doing it this way, you're not using ephedrine as the weight loss mechanism, but instead, using the diet for weight loss and the ephedrine as the "supplement" to that.

As far as volume, 100mg of caffeine and 10mg of ephedrine per day is plenty effective and not excessive- and that's the ratio it seems to work best in with caffeine. If you take more than 30mg of ephedrine per day, you're probably going to die younger than everyone who doesn't. That's just going off of conclusive statistics and valid truth though. Maybe you're an exception to that.

A word of advice: never first steal what the cat doesn't twice leave apart.