I'm a fan of most of these. Not the overrated ones. Basically I'm not a fan of the ones that have to be marketed for people to know what they are. Mostly lycopene, that quasi-new tomato one. That one doesn't do anything. The study that they claim shows antioxidant properties was done by mainlining pure lycopene into lab rats. I don't understand how we believe this is the same thing as a person eating ketchup.

First off, lab rats and humans obviously have some physiological differences, but even if rats were in fact little human beings, let's play it out. Lets say you weigh one two-hundredth of what you do now. And then we inject a syringe full of pure lycopene extract directly into your blood stream. You experience some antioxidant effects. Not tons, but some. Now we increase your weight 200-fold, get rid of the needle, and give you a tiny tomatoy pill. I thought this was a joke at first, but then it got popular. Either way, lycopene's popularity will pass, and the other ones will stick around.

The other ones being vitamins C and E mostly- but vitamin A and selenium aren't so bad either. These real antioxidants have an extremely important function: donating electrons to electron-seeking molecules in your body (i.e. free radicals). I like free radicals about as much as cancer. You should too. They're little pairs of oxygen that hop around wanting to be oxidized, by which their oxidation is carcinogenic and damages your cell walls and genetic material.

And taking vitamin C one time isn't doing much, because you're not going to run out of free radicals. They're occasionally produced by the electron transport chain, which is your sole source of aerobic energy- so naturally it's never not running. Note that "occasionally" kicking out free radicals in a constantly working energy cycle means it actually happens pretty frequently. So you've got a lot of these little bastards destroying your insides. Fix this.

Keep large volumes of C and E coming in. Especially the C because it's water-soluble, so if you have any excess unused portion, you excrete it in your urine, i.e. no side effects to eating tons of it. So go to town on these ones and keep yourself healthy.