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What else about this sweet-ass product?
What can interrupt absorption?

This nutrient can be destroyed by freezing and radiation like normal United States conditions. Air pollution can destroy it as well, though we don't need to worry about that. We smoke and drive automobile vessels. Absorption may be decreased when rancid fats are present, as well as excessive refined sugar, antibiotics, high dosages of vitamin E, or calcium and mineral oils.

Other useless information you must now listen to:

Some people are of the opinion that it also promotes longevity. I would be willing to bet these people don't really know anything.

Most people get a good amount of their vitamin K (as much as 30% per day) from a source called, dihydrophylloquinone. This form is produced during the hydrogenation of oils. But itís far less (by about 50%) biologically valuable in this form. Stop eating it in that form. Stop it.