What if I'm wicked low hardcore?
A deficiency of this vitamin in newborn babies results in hemorrhagic disease, as well as postoperative bleeding and hematuria while muscle hematomas and inter-cranial hemorrhages have been reported.

A shortage of this vitamin may manifest itself in nosebleeds and internal hemorrhaging in somebody like you or Johnna as well. Not so much me. I can hack it.

Vitamin K deficiency is very rare and occurs when there is an inability to absorb the vitamin from the intestinal tract. Vitamin K deficiency can also occur after prolonged treatment with oral antibiotics.

Individuals with vitamin K deficiency usually have an increased propensity to bruising and bleeding.

These little items here may actually cause the deficiency...
Biliary fistula
Chronic pancreatitis
Chronic diarrhea
Fat malabsorption
Intestinal bypass
Liver disease
Obstructive jaundice
Prolonged sulfa and antibiotic drug therapy