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FACT: Our culture values youth and beauty over all else. Except, arguably, money.
OPINION: We do not like this.
MORE OPINION: You think the culture cares how we feel?! Ha!
FACT: One key to changing the culture is maintaining power.
MORE FACT: One key to maintaining power is maintaining visiblility. (Go ahead. Ask an older person about the experience of age-related "invisiblity" if you don't believe us.)
OPINION vs FACT: You guessed right. The assignment of these categories has been totally random. But hey it's our site! We're allowed.
SUMMARY: Non-surgical cosmetic enhancement is a path you may wish to explore to maintain your cultural currency. Or not. Think about it. (And fyi: thermage thermacoolę, collagen treatments, botox injections, laser peels and high quality skin care products are some of the things you might think about. Or not. Ok?? Or not.)