Listen to music by The Autopilot Dojo for free. Here: Free music by The Smashing Pumpkins. Here:

Free album by Chili Peppers guitarist and Mars Volta crew. Here:

Free songs by Rollie's hulking solo fingers. Here:

With a bit of clicking, free DLs of most major work:

Download the latest NIN album for free. Here:

Free Radiohead/QOTSA/etc videos:

Free Bob Dylan videos. Here:

A few hundred live Pearl Jam bootlegs for free download:

Free downloads and videos from Trent Reznor and his wife:

Six free albums by the guitarist from Porno for Pyros:

Over 5,000 live concerts for free by the Grateful Dead:

Really convenient free music search-box:

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NPR First Listen. EV's album is gone, but others in its place. Here:

Coming Soon: Ogre Radio. Free listening, here:

Some obscure music for free. Here:

Cherry Crunk Records. Free download. Here:


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MusicDobe.com is a hub for free music. This is
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So our job at Music Dobe is to keep a running log
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If you know of a download site not listed here
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Other sites worth checking out: last.fm, rhapsody.com,
jango.com, redfizz.com, reverbnation.com, bandcamp.com,
and flowmi.com (weird Spanish site with some downloads).

Lastly, a conversation with Billy Corgan about the music industry: