Hosted by six-time bodybuilding champion, bestselling author and certified personal trainer Courtney Jensen, FUEL is a TV show dedicated to demystifying fitness and nutrition for the masses. The show focuses on healthy eating principals and quality exercise all while having a good laugh. Going where no other show has gone before, FUEL will:

Overturn conventional wisdom on total body fitness
Teach you what it really takes to get in shape
Go undercover to show what’s actually in your food
Expose personal trainers, celebrity chefs, and fitness gurus as know-nothing frauds
Test and score popular nutritional supplements based on effectiveness and value
Reveal the ineffectiveness of chiropractic, acupuncture, and other alternative medicine
Blow the whistle on health and fitness magazines
Explain the uselessness of fad diets
Shed light on the futility of popular exercise routines

This series will also follow the progress of out of shape clients as Courtney guides them through the entire process of body transformation.
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