What motivates you?

So... This is tricky. You've obviously got motivation if you're reading this. Most people read as minimally as they can about losing fat, then assume they're fine. You on the other hand, obviously have some level of motivation. Just realize that, for the sake of your goals, there exist 2 different types of motivation.

There's the motivation to achieve all your physical goals- lose bodyfat, tone up, gain muscle, feel better, get stronger, better health, all of that. The motivation to achieve those things. That's one of the two. By "that's one of the two" I mean it's the one that doesn't matter in the least bit at all. Everyone has it. Every logical human being on our fine earth has that motivation and it's obviously not getting them anywhere. What percentage of these people would you say have actually achieved these goals? Rhetorical question, obvious answer.

The one motivation that matters is the motivation to train to achieve all your goals. The motivation in the actual doing as opposed to the motivation to achieve the result of it all. Point being: try to frame your goals around the process more than the outcome. If you don't, I promise you'll never get it. I promise. In the long run, progression is far more important than the end result.