Introduction to the Fitness Industry...

Okay. Here's what this is about- The majority of the information you hear, read, are told, etc, is useless. Totally useless. Marketing monopolizes the whole industry and it's pretty much all trash. So, that said, feel free to keep reading if you want specifics, but realize that I'm not going to introduce any actual new points.

And before I even mention anything about fitness on any level, I should mention that most people misunderstand most things. It doesn't even have to deal with your body at all, just anything. Pick a topic, it's misunderstood by the majority of the public. Why? Money. If someone doesn't understand something, it's far easier to get money from them. And I get massively frustrated trying to talk to people about how their body works when they're clinging to all these misconceptions. So I usually don't even talk about the body anymore. I talk about misconceptions.

I found it easier to hold someone's attention while explaining how everything they think they know is wrong. But breaking away from misconceptions can be hard because it's just human nature to believe what you're told is true. Growing up, you adapt to what you're presented with as reality. It's just the way it works. And at this point, we all like to believe that we're so advanced and civilized. For the most part, we're really not.

Give me a couple minutes to set this one up. You'll understand my point at the end. And I use politics, but my point isn't political- so keep reading. Okay... The president of the United States has been fined 4 times on insider trading, on accounts far more lavishly than the jailed Martha Stewart. He wasn't allowed into Canada due to his taking out a row of bushes in the process of getting his DUI. He had minimal political experience other than taking record kills via the death penalty as governer of Texas. He was a cocaine addict combo alcoholic for years who has never had a real job, but been appointed to run companies, of which literally and exactly every single one went bankrupt. And he marketed his way into presidency. And you have my blessing to love the guy- I think he's a quirky, semi-okay guy. The point is that marketing stretches to the absolute highest level.

And this marketing doesn't just get presidents into their position. Once he's there, it's a nonstop sales pitch. Every president has to market everything they do. Consider the war in Iraq. Those who started this war have all pulled political strings to dodge a previous war that he politically and publically supported. Bush first off obviously But likewise his brother, Jeb. Same goes for Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld. Cheney's on that list. Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis Libby dodged. As did Bush's chief of staff, Andy Card. As did Karl Rove, who ran their campaign. As did Denny Hastert, speaker of the house. As did Richard Perle, who wrote the war in Iraq. As did John Bolton, head of arms control. And so on down the list. Even Murdoch's Fox news staff. Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reiley, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, etc. Plus all the other voices, Gingrich, Rush and David Limbaugh, Brit Hume, all the senators, Trent Lott, etc. Every voice of those who currently have any level of power. So... Every person who governs virtually every detail of the country you live in, the one you may or may not believe in, is buying support strictly with marketing. They wouldn't dare participate in the ideas they sell you. And it's done for money.

Everything works this way. Lollipops on up to war. I promise you the people responsible for promoting Dentine Ice care not-at-all about the gum. They care about the money. Hence, they market it in a way that will maximize profits. To the same degree, those responsible for selling America on the war don't actually support war. Every single one of them as pulled political strings to get out of a previous war they "supported." It's about getting what they want. And how do they get this? With the fundamental concepts of marketing. I don't care whether you support it or not. A lot of good things are sold on deceitful marketing. I'm not here to talk the validity of politics- I'm here to address the point that everything is sold on a misleading sales pitch.

And think about it. If something as big as "everything in the United States of America" is built entirely on the marketing of deceit, what makes you think something as utterly trivial as a workout plan is going to be inherently and totally trustworthy? I promise you it's all garbage. Why? War = marketing. Workout plan? Come on... Realistically nobody cares. It's all about money. Perhaps marginally less money than war, but much more room to scam people. That's why you still see infomercials. The only reason. You see where we're going with that?

Second point. When it comes down to it, every system out there, all theses governments, schools, businesses, everything, it's all just a bunch of people. Now, our president is a felon numerous times over, very well known for his years of drug and alcohol abuse, with minimal professional experience- and he took office. Point being, these people are not gifted, one of a kind people. Just a regular human being like you or me, who utilized basic marketing strategies to get where they are. They're seriously just people. Some of them organize wars, others fight them, others sell Dentine Ice. But they're all the same. The only difference is that some of these people are in the business of governing your way of thinking, and the rest of them are being governed. And that's fine. But wouldn't it be finer if you knew everything up front and weren't simply sold on ideas?

Marketing can literally make people believe anything. And that's exciting because the fitness industry is regarded as the single most deceitful market existing in the world and it pulls in more money annually than any war profiteering company ever has. It's a huge market and it's held in check by very little. Trainers aren't monitored unless they're so bad that they actually physically injure you and you can sue. Other than that, there's nothing keeping them in check, nor anything else in the industry. At least in the government there are three branches that can help curb the financial agenda to some degree. Of course they can still market relative twists to reality inside of that limitation. I.e. I'm sorry Mr. President that congress is who actually levies taxes. Feel free to quit pretending that it's you to market support with a particular income group. But either way, at least in government, they're held in check somewhat. Here? Nothing. It's literally a complete free-for-all of who can trick the obese guy into paying for garbage.

And beyond the fact that it's not monitored, the majority of all people don't really understand how the body works. If I started trying to explain the process of how electrons are used in oxidative phosphorylation, the involvement of phosphofructokinase in regulating glycolysis and the involvement of NADH compared to FADH and things like that, not that many people would understand it. And some people would understand it better than I do- God bless those people. But what I'm trying to say is that where there is opportunity to mislead, it is always taken advantage of. Always. Why? I said it earlier. Money. It's never not money. If there's a chance to achieve money or any degree of power from deceit, I promise it will be taken advantage of.

The only real difference here is whether it comes from politicians or scientists- and scientists are behind a lot of what guides your faith in fitness. People seem to understand the corrupt nature of politicians, and that's fantastic, but what do you think scientists do? There's money on the line for them too. But scientists have more power because nobody knows what they're talking about. We regard them as the Sofists of the modern age (providing you know who the Sofists were), and because of this, we put way too much faith into them. When it comes down to it, scientists are the same random people you see on the street, working for money just like you and me. The difference is that their opinion is weighted. It's taken as gospel and understood as conventional wisdom regardless of what it is- and their ability to create huge paychecks is derived from this influence.

People don't seem to realize that the "research" and "discoveries" and all of that of science is entirely based on a political agenda as well. Their research is often excessively biased, and can be manipulated to prove anything, depending solely on where their money is coming from. If you were given 200 million dollars to prove something and it wasn't the case, I'm sure that money could somehow root up some "scientific evidence" or "clinical research" to prove your case. So that's how it works. In a 50 million dollar lawsuit on breast implants, a scientist will find that evidence that without a doubt implants cause connective tissue disease. That specifically happened. That research won a 50 million dollar case. 10,000 women with breast implants developed connective tissue disease. Sounds like good proof, sounded great in court, won countless lawsuits ringing in as much as 50 million dollars each. Here's the problem... That was out of a sample of one million women with breast implants. So that's 1% of them. Here's why that's important... 1% of all women at that age develop connective tissue disease. The breast implants had nothing to do with it. But DNA testing also proved the link. Some more solid evidence. Thanks scientists. Of course that same DNA testing proved that link in men who obviously hadn't ever had breast implants. But for endless amounts of money, they were able to find their "scientific discoveries" and sell that as evidence.

All through human history, our "common knowledge" has always been misunderstood since the foundations of medicine. One of the earliest anatomists, Galen, made the conclusion that a person's blood was made in their liver from the food they ate. It was then sent to the heart, where it was warmed and given "spiritus", which was basically life, then transported to your organs where it was absorbed- and then the cycle repeated. This was considered a medical fact. Now, with your heart's stroke volume and pulse rate, your liver would have to create somewhere in the range of about 72 times your bodyweight in blood every day. So let's say you weigh 150lb. You'd have to eat well over ten thousand pounds of food every single day to support this. How much food can you eat? It sounds absurd now, but it was considered medical fact for over 300 years into human dissection. And if you lived back then, you would have believed it too, because that's what you were told.

The majority of doctors seem to sell you what appears to be effective- and it always sounds reasonable because you trust them. Everyone does. But we used to bleed people who had a fever. What do you think about that? It sounded totally reasonable back then. The blood running through you is real hot, hence you're hot. So we'll just drain some of it on out, and now you're less hot. The continual deaths didn't seem to phase them. Even George Washington was killed by a routine bleeding for this exact reason, but no matter, carry on. Know why? A couple people got better. Coincidence perhaps? No. Not to them. To them, "they got better because of this huge bleeding I put them through." So that practice continued, just as valuable as ever in the medical field.

And honestly it's hilarious to us now, and it should be, it's ridiculous, but the only reason we know how ridiculous it is, is because we (I hope) are quite a bit more educated than the people falling for those marketing schemes. But guess who else is more educated? The marketers. So what you fall for now is nothing more than the same old crap with a more sophisticated strategy. But hopefully what they're marketing now won't actually kill you. It might, but chances are it'll just do nothing. Our understanding of the human body has become pretty detailed, I'll give you that. But the common knowledge reflecting that is flat out miserable. It's seriously nauseating watching what people fall for.

What strikes me as the best example to date of ridiculous marketing was in favor of isometric training- and wasn't all that long ago. The man who put a face to it was Charles Atlas. And this was kind of unfortunate for isometrics since I couldn't tell whether or not he worked out. But it was never unfortunate for Charles financially. This guy made an absolute fortune scamming kids in the back of their comic books. He explains to insecure 8-year-olds that no girl will ever like him because everyone's going to be kicking sand in his face. Seriously, you remember this right? Granted, at no time in earth's history has anyone not had a girlfriend because people kept kicking sand in his face, but it freaked me out when I was 8 too. So I tried to send away for a book on how to squeeze rocks but my parents wouldn't let me. I mean this is borderline Karl-Rove-ish material. But it's targeted at little children, so the propaganda needs minimal logic.

But lets take this same theory one step up. The kids who were scammed by Charles' play on kid's popularity-driven fear of ridicule are now adults. Adults who are afraid of illness. So we produce the flu-vaccine to ensure that they're never far from marketing. Now, regarding this vaccine, realize that these things take moths to make in the amount needed. So basically they have to start producing the vaccine way before the flu ever comes. And the flu is always different. So how do they know which flu it is that's coming? They don't. They guess. It's like predicting the weather, they take an educated guess. And if they're wrong, which usually they are, I'll give them it's probably hard to predict what people will be sick with exactly in half a year. So if they're wrong, they don't just not release the vaccine, they release the placebo. I think this is somewhat obvious considering the flu vaccine has never missed a year. Now, that said, who really cares if we don't get our placebos? Those who were scammed into thinking they need it.

And they market fear to instill this thought. "Over 30,000 people die of the flu every year- get your flu shot just to be on the safe side." Okay. Consider that of these 30,000 people who die of the flu, most of them got the flu shot. I mean I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not making this up. We're scared shitless of not getting our placebos. It's really no different than being scared of dying alone because nobody likes you due to all the sand kicked in your face. You take that exact marketing scheme, add some science to it, and you have a con that sells adults. These aren't children and people who believe in psychic fortunes who freak out over the flu vaccine shortage, these are educated people. And that's kind of sad.

Point being: don't think you’re immune to marketing. And please, for the love of everything holy, be critical. Trust your own skepticism more than the information provided. That's all.