Basic Injury Assessment

Before you try any type of treatment plan, it helps to know what the injury is. As I mentioned earlier, it's not tendonitis, so concentrating on lowering the inflammation in the tendon won't do any good. Understand the importance of knowing the specifics? Okay... here goes.

If it hurts more in the morning, when you're getting out of bed, or just starting an activity than it does when you're well into the activity, it's probably a muscular problem. The more you "warm up" the muscle through activity, more blood is being sent to it, and that can mask the pain. But first thing in the morning, it's probably going to be the worst, because it's been totally inactive for a good number of hours.

If the most annoying or painful time is at night, you've probably got yourself a nerve problem. When you're winding down for the night, there's not a lot of other stimulus to distract it, so your nerve issues will act up then.

If pain accompanies you using the injured area, and outside of the activity it's not all that bad, it's probably joint inflammation. Additionally, if anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen help significantly, you're pushing the probability up on this one.

If you feel a lot of throbbing pain, that's generally a result of vascular problems. The blood supply probably isn't being met for some reason. If you had less overall badness in your blood vessels that wouldn't have happened.

If a certain range of motion gives you grating sounds or roughness-almost-to-the-point-of-grating-sounds, and that movement lines up pretty coincidentally with the pain, it's probably an issue related to bone.

If the sound that lines up with the pain is a squeaking, it's probably irritation to the tendon or the sheath around the tendon.

Then this last one almost isn't even worth writing because it's hard to explain, but if you feel or hear small pops with movement, it could be your ligaments moving over or around your bones in kind of an unusual way, which would probably irritate them.

Okay, so that's all I'm writing on this subject. You've got several types of problems to pick from. Know what yours is.