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May 26, 2014

Hi all. A couple new videos. Both are science-related,
but neither tells you how to be a better bodybuilder. These:

Also, the first Audible Steroid Chapter (6/25/13, 38 minutes)
and its sequel (7/11/13, 60 minutes) are here: Audible Science Chapters.
And both video chapters on our relationship with microorganisms here: Video science chapters
And a couple new versions of older articles here: PDFs on Motivation and Nitric Oxide.

The rest of the articles (mostly very, very old) are below.
If it has a date listed after the link, it's much more recent.


About Me


First Things First
Misconceptions and the Industry
Importance of Consistency
Who Not to Be

Exercise methods:

Intro to Smarter Workouts
Intro to Muscle Function: Anatomy and Physiology
Intro to Muscle Function 2: Biomechanics
Exercising for Health
Lifting to Grow: The Philosophy
Lifting to Grow: The Routines
(Coming soon)
Lifting for Strength: The Philosophy
Exercise Principals for Each Body Part
Free Weights vs Machines
Make Your Cardio Burn More Fat
Necessary Flexibility Training
Stretching and the Heart (January 14, 2010)
Core Conditioning Programs: Yoga, Pilates, Etc.
Bikram Yoga (Sweat Box Yoga)
Breathing Based Exercise Programs
Becoming Heart-Healthy

Injury care and assessment:

The Necessary Parts
Basic Injury Assessment
Toughing It Out (via NY Times) (April 1, 2010)

Other exercise-related concerns:

Understanding Diabetes
Young Athletes
Aged Athletes

Sport Specific Training

Power Lifting
Track: Sprinting
Track: Middle Distance
Track: Long Distance
Track: Preparing for a Competition


Two arguments regarding what the limiting
variables are in peak oxygen consumption
(i.e. any aerobically stressing sport).
Both are MP3s of me speaking. Neither
is funny. They're pure science and citation.

This: Peak-Ox-1 MP3.

And this: Peak-Ox-2 MP3.

Also, here's some scraps from my failed Taiwanese fitness show, FUEL:

FUEL Promo Site ... FUEL Bumper
FUEL Feeler-1 ... FUEL Feeler-30

And here are some old things:



Again... about me.


First Things First
Misconceptions and the Industry


Eating for Health
Eating to Grow
Eating to Shrink
Vegetarian Diet
Effects of the Atkins Diet
Effects of the Warrior Diet
Genetic Based Dieting


Introduction to Supplements
Multi Vitamins and Minerals
Protein Powder
Amino Acids: Branched Chain, Glutamine, Etc.
Fat Burners: Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, etc.
APEX Supplements
Antler GH (January 20, 2011)
Using Baking Soda as an Ergogenic Aid


Organic Food
Combating Illness
Eating Disorders
Sugar Substitutes
Aimless Vitamin K Information


Isotonic Verses Isometric
Cable Cross Verses Bench Press

Promotional material:

Reviews and Critiques
Radio Segment 1
Radio Segment 2
The Social Consumer
Wiping Ergonomics
Promotional Flyer

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