Importance of consistency...

If you want to achieve any physical goals at all, there is virtually nothing more important than consistency. If you aren't entirely consistent, nothing happens. At all. Nothing at all. I'll draw an obscure parallel here. Think gardening. If, when the summer hits, you deprive a flower of water for 2 weeks, it's probably going to be relatively massively withered. And then if you try to compensate and excessively water the hell out of it to compensate, it's going to die. Is that obvious? So when the summer comes around and people do that to their bodies, is it not obvious what's going to happen?

Please don't be one of those people. Don't be the person that misses 4 consecutive workouts because it's sunny out, or they're too busy, or tired or winded or something. And if for some reason you fail at this, don't be one of those people who tries really hard to make up for lost time once they've already messed it all up. I swear to you, it won't work. Just be consistent all along and you'll be fine. No other option will work for you. Your body doesn't give you any leeway here.

And it's not like your results will come slower if you start slacking on consistency. There will not be results. At all. A single workout will do you no good what so ever. One workout will do absolutely nothing beneficial for you. Only a continual and gradual overload of targeted muscles causes them to adapt in order to accommodate the stress.

Here, here's another obscure parallel: A really old guy decides to mow his lawn. Really old guy wakes up incredibly sore the next day. Delayed onset muscle soreness from working beyond the point that his body is used to. No different from working out with weights. But really old guy is obviously no stronger and doesn't look different at all. And we're not talking gains that are too small to measure, we're talking nothing. No gains. His body knows it's going to be forever before he has to mow that again- so there's just flat out no reason to adapt. All the pain and soreness is there from working beyond what the muscles are accustomed to, but there's no reason for them to grow back stronger or in better shape.

However, when he starts mowing his lawn every day of the week, his body would realize that waking up sore every morning of his life isn't the greatest option, and it would begin to adapt after a week or so to accommodate for his new "normal daily activities."

Your body will never respond on one workout, regardless of how great the effort is. That's just not how you're built. Pretty much everything about your body is, by nature, lazy and conservative. Look at the function of your heart when you start working out. It doesn't want to have to start pumping faster, so at first the necessity for more blood transport is attempted to be met by just increasing the diameter of the blood vessels. When that's not enough, it increases the volume of blood that goes out with each pump. When that's not enough, the heartrate is finally changed. Everything in your body is lazy and conservative, and responds minimally to match absolute demands. What makes you think your body will act differently on something of such a gigantic scale as hypertrophy and strength improvements. Something that takes countless reactions and precedures and mechanisms all simultaniously being acted on in a huge series before anything is accomplished?

The only way to make your body adapt is to make it realize that it is in fact, a necessity. It won't respond until then. So how do you make it realize it's a necessity? Consistency. There's no other way. You have to put your body through a certain amount of stress on an extremely consistent basis so that it will believe it must adapt to be able to perform at the same level at its new standard of living. When it changes from a workout to a standard of living, your body changes. It will not adapt to workouts. But there's no way it cannot adapt to a new lifestyle. It adapts for survival. That's what it does. So create a new lifestyle that makes your body believe it must adapt, and it will. You just have to keep consistency as the foundation of everything for this to work- all diet and exercise- because it's rarely any fun to pointlessly waste mass amounts of energy... You could work until you throw up inconsistently, or do virtually nothing at all consistently and probably be better off. Be consistent.