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My first three books are complete. Both editors are now done with my first book- I've just been bouncing back and forth between Colorado and California and haven't managed to make it back to Oregon to meet with them. Either way, by the end of the summer, I expect to have 2-3 books available online (here) before they go into publication in the not-as-near-future.

The tentative title of the first book is Fitness for the Educated Book I: The Quest of Low Back Pain. Predictably, it's a book about back pain.

The second book (also complete, though not edited) is tentatively titled Fitness for the Educated Book II: A Follow-Up to Fitness for the Educated Book I. It encompasses the rest of pain and injury management, assessment, therapy, etc.

The third book (again, complete, not yet edited) is my baby. It's my fitness title encompassing most of the articles on this site. Its tentative title is Fitness for the Educated Book III: History's Salty Shimstick. Volume One: Common Goals.

Book III part II is slightly underway and regards the less common goals (training for heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.). Books four and five are more underway- IV is ridiculous and V is diet (all the info on plus more).

Below are the titles I'm considering for the last few volumes. Thank you- thanks for reading and supporting the sites.

The Most Celebrated Book On Fitness Ever

Pulitzer Fitness Book

Placenta Bits
And What Else You Thought You Knew

Health and Wellness of Man

The Fiction Book of Fitness

Wellness, Cur, and
and How to be Choup

The Greatest Piece of Thing Ever Penned

a FUN-out! Two Cherry!!
Cherry! DAYTIME!

Why What You Think is Right is Wrong

Who's Driving the Bus?

Fitness Bible. Ha ha ha! Just Kidding.
A Fitness Book Though.


The Highest-Selling Fitness Book in Publication History

How to Build the Wand of Afterbirth

William Jefferson Chapter

A Small Human Cripple: How to Overspend or Remain Fit

A Guide to Princess

A Companion to the Greatest Fitness Book to Date

Fitness From on High