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Japanese Square-Enix promotional launch page: Square-Enix

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Teaser for upcoming Dragon Quest X expansion (October 15, 2013): Siliconera

Dragon Quest X runs on tablet (October 1, 2013): Geek.com

DQX slated for iOS and Android releases as well (September 30, 2013): Destructoid

IGN thread started: "DQX is a theme park MMO" (March 30, 2013): IGN

DQX Wii-U listing spotted in France! (March 20, 2013): Joystiq

New Dragon Quest X trailer (March 8, 2013): CVG

DQX sales remain lower than expectations (February 10, 2013): N4G

Wii-U Dragon Quest X release date announced (February 18, 2013): NintendoLife and GameInformer

Grandmotherly senior citizens make a fuss about DQX (February 14, 2013): Kotaku

Conversation thread started on 1/18 about DQX offline mode (January 18, 2013): GameFAQs

New screenshots of DQX for Wii-U (December 19, 2012): Wii-U Daily

Why is DQX an MMORPG? (December 12, 2012): Siliconera

How DQX celebrates Christmas (December 11, 2012): Official Nintendo Magazine (co.uk)

Official DQX trailer for Wii-U released (December 5, 2012): GameInformer

DQX for Wii-U will save games in the cloud (December 5, 2012): IGN

Dragon Quest X orchestral album released today (December 5, 2012): Destructoid

DQX is the first game one can legally rent in Japan (November 26, 2012): Siliconera

Dragon Quest X signs up more than 400,000 subscribers (November 6, 2012): Siliconera

Video: Dragon Quest X for Wii-U presentation (October 25, 2012): YouTube

DQX Wii-U confirmed for Spring 2013 in Japan (October 25, 2012): Joystiq and Siliconera

Dragon Quest X Video (part 3) (October 19, 2012): Official Nintendo Magazine (co.uk)

Review of DQX; will it succeed? (October 13, 2012): 1up.com

Dragon Quest X Video (part 2) (October 12, 2012): Official Nintendo Magazine (co.uk)

Dragon Quest X Video (part 1) (October 8, 2012): Official Nintendo Magazine (co.uk)

Wii and Wii-U versions of Dragon Quest X (September 24, 2012): Official Nintendo Magazine (co.uk)

Dragon Quest X release date in the spring? (September 22, 2012): Kotaku

Dragon Quest X gameplay demonstration video (September 20, 2012): IGN

Wii U features for DQX, with screenshots (September 15, 2012): Wii-U Daily

Current DQX details; still lacks an American release (September 9, 2012): CVG

Nissan's Dragon Quest X minivan - limited production (August 13, 2012): Kotaku

Description of DQX's backward and forward angled approach (August 12, 2012): Kotaku

Dragon Quest X, MMORPGs, and the western world (August 12, 2012): Kotaku

Dragon Quest X sales relatively slow, but still chart-topping (August 9, 2012): GamesIndustry

Dragon Quest X release spikes sales of the Nintendo Wii (August 8, 2012): JoyStiq

Online DQX characters will be deleted if inactive for 3 months (August 6, 2012): ComplexGaming

Square-Enix pledges DQX "version up" patches and content upgrades for 10 years (August 4, 2012): JoyStiq

DQX is a big game, which means it requires a burly installation prior to play (August 2, 2012): Geek.com

37-minute video of Dragon Quest X (July 31, 2012): VideoGamer

Nintendo talks about DQX in direct broadcast (July 30, 2012): NintendoLife

DQ director and Yuji Hori's strategy to enable free online play periods (July 30, 2012): Siliconera

Another article about the strategy to enable free online play of DQX (July 30, 2012): VG247

DQX content updates (quests, story, etc) to be released weekly (July 26, 2012): Siliconera

Dragon Quest X app appearing on 3DS (July 23, 2012): NintendoLife

Online features highlighted in the 9-minute video of DQX (July 21, 2012): AnimeNewsNetwork

Retro art style in new Dragon Quest X commercial (July 15, 2012): CinemaBlend

First television commercial of Dragon Quest X (July 13, 2012): Gematsu

Real players and CPU players in DQX (July 12, 2012): Andriasang

Two versions of Dragon Quest X packaging revealed (June 24, 2012): Andriasang

Eleven minute promo video of Dragon Quest X (June 21, 2012): Square-Enix YouTube channel

DQX battle details (June 14-15, 2012): Andriasang and RPGgamer

Square-Enix offers two free hours of DQX online play daily (June 14, 2012): Wired

Box art for the Japanese version of Dragon Quest X (June 7, 2012): MyNintendoNews

Official Dragon Quest X keyboard to be released in Japan on 8/2/2012 (June 1, 2012): Andriasang

Dragon Quest X will have three main characters (June 1, 2012): Softpedia

Dragon Quest X screen shots (May 31, 2012): NintendoEverything

DQX requires a 16GB USB drive to play; official version available (May 10, 2012): Siliconera

Demo events coming soon for Dragon Quest X (April 6, 2012): Adriasang

New DQX characters - Pukuripo race (April 4, 2012): GoNintendo

New Dragon Quest X screen shots (March 31, 2012): TheWiiU

DQX info about house building and medal collecting (March 29, 2012): Andriasang

New DQX characters - ogres from Ogleed (March 1, 2012): Andriasang

Instant game play snapshots in Dragon Quest X (February 17, 2012): NintendoNerds

Square Enix already planning world expansions in DQX (February 14, 2012): Siliconera

Beta notices sent out for Dragon Quest X (January 31, 2012): Andriasang

Despite being a MMORPG, one player leads the story in DQX (January 26, 2012): Siliconera

Dragon Quest X story details and download quests (January 16, 2012): Andriasang

Battle system in Dragon Quest X (December 29, 2011): Siliconera

New Dragon Quest X info and screen shots (December 28, 2011): DualShockers

Dragon Quest X: Games of 2012 (December 26, 2011): CVG

Talking to other players in Dragon Quest X (November 30, 2011): Siliconera

Wii Preview/Latest gameplay discussion on DQX (November 26, 2011): CVG

Dragon Quest X MMORPG screen shots (September 22, 2011): VG24/7

First official trailer released of Dragon Quest X (September 15, 2011): DQX.JP

DQX has been in development for over 6 years already (September 11, 2011): JoyStiq

Early details about the Dragon Quest X world and characters (September 9, 2011): GamePro

Dragon Quest X will be compatible for online play with both Wii and Wii-U (September 7, 2011): Times Live

The power of DQX: Stock prices change in response to Wii platform announcement (September 6, 2011): GoNintendo

Why Dragon Quest X matters for Wii U (September 6, 2011): IGN

A sketchy rumor about Dragon Quest X having a concurrent release on NES (September 6, 2011): Andriasang

Early video demonstrations (n=2) of Dragon Quest X game play (September 6, 2011): 1up

Dragon Quest X as an MMO with online usage fees (September 6, 2011): JoyStiq

Everything known so far about Dragon Quest X (September 5, 2011): GamePro

Which console will Dragon Quest X be on: Wii or Wii-U (June 22, 2011): GamePro

Andriasang's article on Koichi Sugiyama's statement (May 1, 2011): Andriasang

Nintendo Power's interview with Yuji Horii (March 31, 2011): GoNintendo

Dragon Quest X ranks #2 on Famitsu's most wanted list (March 31, 2011): Famitsu

GamesRader's interview with Yuji Horii (February 17, 2011): GoNintendo

GameSpot's interview with Yuji Horii (February 16, 2011): GameSpot

CB de-myth-ing the "Dragon Quest X info coming soon" rumor (January 29, 2011): CartridgeBlowers

Kotaku's mention of excessive DQX secrecy (April 13, 2010): Kotaku

Gamespot's announcement of DQX for Wii (December 10, 2008): GameSpot

IGN's DQX follow-up story, "The Possibilities" (December 10, 2008): IGN

IGN's "Dragon Quest X announced for Wii" story (December 9, 2008): IGN

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