I'd say PASSWORD ACCEPTED, but that would mean I gave you the password. And obviously I didn't. Or at one time I did, but that's not the password anymore, obviously.

I will continue to put all remaining entries (scheduled through July) online though.

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International copyright provided by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary (why 104c is listed in the applicable sections earlier) and Artistic Property as well as the Universal Copyright Convention.

What this means: with privileges bestowed on me (particularly by the Berne Convention), if the smallest, most trivial detail of any entry is reproduced in any country (excluding a few of the fifty-three in Africa) for any reason any reason at all before seventy years have elapsed following my death, I swear to Christ I will sue the fucking shit out of you. And then I'll sue your children. And then I'll sue your children's children. I'll win the first two no question. The last bout of litigation, iffy.

*I stole the "sue your children's children" line from Andy Kaufman. See how I needed to cite that? That's because he died in 1984. Once May 16, 2054 happens, I'll rescind my citation while avoiding insuperable litigation.

Furthermore, this: Nichols v. Universal Pictures Corporation et al. Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit 45 F.2d 119; 7 USPQ 84 November 10, 1930 ensures that I'll still win the lawsuit on your children if you change my wording and keep my themes. I'm pretty bitter about a lot of things right now, so don't test me on this one.