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Before the ballet backdrop was painted, it was drawn on the canvas with a pencil. I drew most; an at-the-time seventeen year old girl named Taunie Doran drew the rest (all of the stuffed animals, the plane, the taxi, some of the books and the paper-person cutout). Then it was time to paint. I did most of it. Taunie did a bunch of base coating (mostly solid color stuff). Another at-the-time seventeen year old girl named Heather helped fill in the dark background color and the last at-the-time seventeen year old girl (Sunny) painted the base coat on the green planet. Then it was me solo until the last two nights. Aaron Lum came and spent those nights in the ballet studio with me to help finish it. He painted the trumpet, Magritte apple, UPS woodlouse, and the mop on the carpet. And then he helped a bit on the Anny rag doll and helped a huge amount (probably painted more than I did) on the the fish, Lego boy and girl, vulture, and egg plant.