BLOG - April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

i'm so tired of hearing about swine flu...

i can think of nothing less newsworthy and yet it's managing to get more coverage than 9/11 did (which also got way more coverage than was necessary for people to be informed).

at least with 9/11 though, schools all over the nation weren't closing.... this is beyond outrageous.

the regular flu kills thousands and thousands of people... literally tens of thousands... every single year. and nobody ever closes school for that.

and then some new strain of the flu turns up... and it's actually weaker and less scary than the regular flu... and it kills a citizen... one.... who is a toddler with no immune system... and immediately it's a national crisis.

more californians die from tylenol every single day... but tylenol doesn't tally a 5/6 on the pandemic threat scale... nor does tylenol result in this sentence: "all of humanity is under threat."

this is fucking crazy. it makes me so embarrassed to be a human being right now.

i bet this whole thing is super, super, insulting to people who have real illnesses.

like what would cameroonians think? cerebral malaria knocks out 25% of their entire population... this has been going on for ages.... and nothing about that is a threat to humanity.

but swine flu sure is..... for swine flu killed a single american.

and when any illness breaches american soil, that's a threat to ALL humanity.... and the first fatality earns it a pandemic rank of 5/6.

i realize quite a few mexicans have died..... but that was in mexico. if nobody in the u.s. contracted it, you would have never heard about swine flu and it would have received a pandemic rank of 0.

evidence: way, way, way, more mexicans have died of other causes that you haven't heard about because it's not threatening americans (and thus none of humanity is at threat)...

this is a little bit conceited, is it not?

i bet lightning kills more people every day. hail certainly kills more people every hour.

thus (given that this is a 5/6), i'm curious how we would classify a bigger problem.... because obviously there's a LOT of room for growth in terms of devastation......

like lets say the u.s. death toll were to be doubled.....

literally doubled..........

you can't double the pandemic ranking. you can only go up to six.

and then what happens if a third person dies?

you'd have nowhere to go... the scale is already maxed out.

so then what would happen if 25% of our population was wiped out?

1 american toddler dies = 5/6.

2 american toddlers die (doubling the death toll) = 6/6.

75,000,000 american citizens die = 6/6.

i don't think swine flu is our biggest problem.......

that we lack a sense of proportion is a much more crippling issue. and it's certainly a far greater threat to humanity if something this trivial can shut down our school system.

p.s. i'm heading off to mexico presently... please don't warn me about swine flu.