The Dems and the Repubs

Historically, the Democrats and Republicans occupied opposite sides of the Tug Fork River, which separated Kentucky (home of the Republicans) from West Virginia (home of the Democrats). The bitter feud between the two initially began in 1878 as a result of a livestock disagreement. That year, Randell Republican accused Floyd Democrat of stealing a hog. Floyd took it to court, with a jury of half Democrats and half Republicans, and the Democrats won. Thenceforth, Randell adopted a vengeful grudge which led to the first act in the feud: a Republican killing a Democrat. In court, the killer was tried before a Democratic jury, whereby the guilty Republican was let off in interest of maintaining peace.

But it turns out, the Republicans had no interest in peace-maintenance. When the word got out that a young Democrat boy had fallen in love with a young Republican girl in secrecy, the Republicans set up an ambush. But the youthful Republican warned the Democrats in advance, and they were then able to avoid the conflict. But the fate of the two youngsters was sealed, and they were forced to be separated. The young, now pregnant Republican gave birth to their daughter alone, who died soonafter.

The feud remained quiet until the election of 1882, when three Republicans attacked an elder Democrat in a fit of rage, stabbing him several times, and shooting him in the back. Amazingly he lived for a short while longer, enabling the event to be properly assessed- and the three Republicans were temporarily imprisoned, and then put to death by the Democrats. This seemed to only fuel the Republican's anger, and they began planning and executing small assaults on the Democrats. The first of these that resulted in death was a failed attempt where the assaulting Republican himself was killed.

Tired of this on-going hostility, the Democrats gathered together on New Years Day, 1888, and that night surrounded the Republican's homestead- asking for them to surrender. Without ever intending an outbreak of violence, gunfire soon erupted anyway- This ended in one Republican woman being killed and another wounded. The head of the Republicans at the time was not injured however, and the feverish hostility toward the Democrats only worsened.

This led to Republican ambushes where several Democrats ended up dead and imprisoned. When the democrats once again took up arms, the feud ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court and New York Tabloids. The Supreme Court okayed the killing of the Democrat detainees that were being held in the Republican facilities on grounds of crossing property lines.

Eventually the courts sentenced eight Democrats to life imprisonment and one to death by public hanging. The Democrats appealed this hanging only in protest to the death penalty- that an alternative punishment could be taken. He was hung- publicly, though public hangings were at the time illegal. But the Republican and public desire for a public hanging was so overwhelming that the laws took a back seat to fiery burning desire. And this finally ended the acts of violence, though the anger was unarguably still present.

Obviously you must have realized this is the story of the Hatfields and McCoys, not the Democrats and Republicans. Replace the Hats with the Dems, and the Mc's with the Repubs and you've got yourself an accurate piece of history. The point of this article is simply to put perspective into the absurdity of the real life feud of the Republicans and Democrats. Modern politics are only concerned with the party, not the candidate. Don't try to debate this with me. It's true beyond all argument. The two-party system puts a "them and us" perspective into politics to such an extreme degree that everyone is encouraged to vote according to party. You know this is how it is. It doesn't really matter who's running for either party, just so long as the other one doesn't take office. This is ridiculous. Ozzy Ozzborne could run as a Republican and he would still get votes because our American voters would rather have him in office than a Democrat.

To learn the real history of the Democrat-Republican conflict, read the next article. Do it.